What is a dobber?

small grebes of the genus Podiceps.


a float on a fishing line
someone who tells on you ....
a tell tale
A tell tale
A grass!
someone that tells tales.
as in,, shut it ya dobber ? its yet another slang name for a penis
a grass
a GIT ! a plonker who is suppose to be a mate and who grasses you up! a right pudding!a shite house!
It's the blonde gump on Coach.
In Australian (a bastardised version of the English language) a Dobber is an informer or stool pigeon or all round rat. If we are not talking Aus I believe it is a farm tool to poke holes in mother earth to plant a seed.
Beats me, moron.
are you a dobber !!!!!
the floaty thing on a fishing line
When I was a kid it was a ball bearing used as a marble
It can be used for a snitch OR its also another word for condom.
a mud bobber ? A bee like insect.
A Dobber in ENGLISH - is some one that grasses on you ,a tell tale.
In SCOTLAND - it means idiot, dick etc
Snitch, A Grass a Tattle Tale need i go on?
It has different meanings in different countries. In England it's a big marble. In Australia it's someone who snitches on people. In other countries it's an idiot.