When I cross my legs I get a pain on the side of my knee. What is it?

it could be that you strained one of your collateral ligaments, have problems with chondromalacia (roughness of the cartilage under your knee cap), or a tight IT (iliotibial band) with some bursitis. if it doesn't improve with rest, ice, and over the counter anti-inflammatories, i recommend a non-emergent visit to your doctor

(unlikley the peroneal nerve based on location of symptoms -side of the knee - and lack of nerve related findings, plus, the location where the legs usually cross does not compress the nerve)
same is the prob with me..i dont know what is the fuckin problem
You need arthroscopic surgery
its probably your other knee digging into it
simple answer is dont cross your legs
you should,nt cross your legs. it causes bad circulation.
You may have a peroneal nerve compression. This is the nerve that runs along the outside of your leg. If the nerve becomes more compressed you may experience difficulty flexing your foot up. Sometimes this problem is related to losing a lot of weight and no longer having as much fat around the nerve. If you cross your legs it can press (compress) on the nerve.
might be your I t band. it's a small thin muscle down the side of your thigh. it can get quite tight and can even hurt sometimes when stretched a certain way.try going to the doc or to the gym (if you are a member of one) to get a professionals opinion.
don,t cross your legs
Too much coin in your wallet .
go to your doctor i have probs with pains in my knees and found out it could be that the tendons are rubbing on the bone
good luck
If it is only when u cross, it sounds like u are straining muscles or ligaments. If it happens once and a while, it may be sciatica. But be aware of what hurts your body, and try not to. Often it is sleeping patterns, that affect u later too. Stop crossing your legs silly!
go and get medical advice just to be sure i got problems with my knee and my kneecap is out of line , i fell 3 years ago
Joint pain or stiffness of the joint may be caused by overexertion, injuries, arthritis, muscle pain,bursitis and other diseases. Depending on the cause of the joint pain, joints on both sides of the body and small or large joints may be affected. Some types of joint pains can be completely cured but for other types of joint pain (like pain caused by osteoarthritis), treatment will only reduce the pain. More information on joint pain , home remedies and treatment is available at http://tinyurl.com/z5vx5
This can be a lot of things. It could be nerve or tissue tightness. It could be arthritis. It could also indicate another orthopedic problem. If the pain continues it would not be a bad idea to have it checked out.
its probably your itb. a band of thick tissue which runs from your hip down the outside of your thigh to your knee (below the joint). when you cross one leg over another, the top knee bends. this causes the itb to slip backwards and it rest on your femoral condyle on the outside of your knee, just above or on the joint line. with friction syndromes the itb resting on the condyle becomes painful. think of putting your finger on a small burns blister, you don't need much pressure but it hurts. i bet if you stand on your painful leg and do a few small, single knee squats, you pain will be reproduced. the trick is finding out what caused this, rather than just what is this!
don't cross your legs
cross the other leg then. or go to a doctor and you can have an amputation..if you find that unecessary, you could always never cross your legs, think about it. you proberbly are just getting age twinges, or, it could be more seriouse. it could be a brain tumour about to come on.(joke) . Look. what the hell are you talking about