Cant sleep! havent slept in 4 days straight

i cant sleep . ive gotten just about 6hrs sleep in the last week & havent slept for 4 days now. ive tried pretty much everything from hot milk to basically beating my self to sleep...obviously nothings working ,,,,,,sooooooo anyone got any advice?!?!?!?
Your obviously not beating yourself hard enough,try hitting yourself over the head with a heavy object,failing that try counting sheep if you can fit enough of them in your bedroom
See a doctor.
sleeping pills, or benadryl. it makes you really tired
sleeping pills
Lay off the crystal meth ! Try Melatonin, 3 mg.
holy snapps . . .

inhale chloroform ..

you know thats not healthy.

imsomnioacs can stop breathing spontaniously while asleep.

get help ..

good luck
I can't see how beating yourself would be conducive to sleep.have you tried taking some benadryl antiallergy pills. They are available over the counter and usually work for me on the rare instances that I can't sleep. You might need to see your doctor to get a prescription sleep aid.
Have you tried over the counter sleeping pills? Are you stressed? Sometimes if you just cry, it helps to fall asleep. If nothing's wrong in your life (to make you like this), I'd say drink sleepy tea and take a sleeping pill.
Tylenol PM or marijuana lol. But seriously, you need to see a doctor.. the human brain literally goes crazy after several days with no sleep. It's probably a stress thing, go see a psychiatrist (but see your general physician first to rule out the physical possibilities).
have you tried a bottle of run yet make rum n coke till you pass out that will do it trust me lol
i have insomnia, its quite annoying, stop thinking about it, lay in bed and let your mind wonder, think about "how tables are made" how carpenters work, what tools they use etc, jst let your mind run with it
try this with a few objects, places etc, about 5 or 6 times your probly sit up and say "dam it, its not working" but i garentee that after that 6ish time youll fall asleep.
i used to have similar problem, tried sleeping pills, herbal remedys etc nothing really worked, it just sorted it self out eventually, i used to have really fucked up hallucinations, due to lack of sleep,
do you drink coffee or soda during the day?
if you do then you gotta quit. dont do any exercise
before you go to bed that will make you hyper.
and dont read or do anything else thats not sleeping
or else your body will feel that bed isnt a place
where you are supposed to sleep. Make sure your
room is cool, not too cold tho. and use a comforter.
Don't watch tv before you go to bed cuz that is
making your brain do work for you thinking about
what is all happening. just. listen to this advice
and you should prolly sleep okay. or even better.

oh yea. it might also be from stress-related problems..
try not to have too much stress in your life.
There are over the counter sleep aids that are safe to take until you can get into a better sleeping pattern. Also, they make melanin, your natural sleep neurotransmitter, in a pill form. You can find them in the sleep aid aisle as well. Sometimes people do not sleep well because they're not producing enough of it; so taking it in pill form can help as well.
contact your doctor. may be an underlying problem.
I also have this problem.what works best for me is music.a favoret soft song.I set the player for 30 min. and just the one song..most of the time it will do the job.If I wake up I start all over again.good luck
If you're in your late 30's early 40's you could be starting menopause. I didn't sleep for YEARS, couldn't shut my brain off (that's what it felt like) I am now taking an over the counter sleep aid 1/2 a tablet every night and it really helps.
If you keep going without the proper sleep you will end up with depression which will make it even worse. You may think your ok but your not.
a brisk walk, short run or a swim if u can.
wear urself out totally.
take a couple of Valerian tablets, a natural sleep-inducer, half-hour/hour b4 u intend 2 sleep.
no valerian? ( ) Put it on ur shopping list checking with ur gp/md/doc first
Or get some Horlicks, it's the next best thing & hopefully u'll get some sleep, nighty night.
Go to a dr. Prolonged insomnia can be caused by, or cause, depression. Major effects are concentration and memory problems, moodiness, and even physical problems like loss of coordination, headaches and intestinal discomfort. You shouldn't even be driving! Have someone take you to a walk-in clinic for a short term solution, like medication (Ambien,Lunesta, etc), and for a referral for follow-up w/ a specialist (psychiatrist, usually).
get drunk, that always works for me.

Sorry on a more serious note. I have this problem now and then, mostly when I get myself all wound up over some lass I had a big time crush on, all in the past now at the moment.
But honestly when it's bad just a quick drink seems to help me. But everyone is different.

Good luck.
Don't worry. U will
lots of vodka or whiskey
take sleeping pills asap and sleep for 12 hours straight. If u stop sleeping for too long, your body will crash and affect your heart, liver, brain damage, vision, hearing, kidney and ofcourse severe panic attack. So, becareful and take day off from work and get a good sleep before your dragged through the dirt of permanent bodily damage.
I think you have a problem but it need not be serious. I was once in hospital for over a week with a strange temperature type virus. My heart beat was a consatnt 160 bpm and I could not sleep a wink.Eventually the virus went and my body adjusted to a normal sleep pattern. Not sure that you have a virus but if you have that could be an answer.
Yes you need to seek advice. Sleep deprivation is the worst thing ever. It causes mental illness and sickness. Go and speak to your doctor.

Meantime, do not toss and turn in bed, but get up and make yourself a cuppa and a sand which. Contrary to belief tea does not keep you awake but helps you to clam you. At least give it a try and see how you get on. I speak not for the sake of speaking but as someone who has and still does to some extent suffer from these nights of Sleeplessness.

That is why you will see me on here many a night. However I do not have to get up to do a full days works so at least I am fortunate that way.

When I was working I have seen myself up all night without any sleep and go to work the next day. My husband always says that he would not be able to cope without getting any sleep. He is right of course the more you go without a full nights sleep the more accustomed your brain gets to it. And that believe me that is the rocky road to disaster.

Good luck and happy dreams please!
Ok, first, try not to worry, sleep isn't as important as some people make out. It is perfectly fine not to sleep and won't cause you any long-term health problems.

Next, think about good Sleep Hygeine. This is common-sense stuff:
- make your bedroom a haven that is dark and quiet
- have a 'wind-down' routine for around an hour without TV, music or computer where you put all your worries aside and begin to relax
- don't go to bed until ready to sleep
- avoid caffeine for 6h before bedtime, avoid cigarettes for 2h before bedtime and avoid alcohol for 1h before bedtime (the alcohol because it wakes you up as it leaves your system)
- get up at the same time every day regardless of when you went to bed or how well you slept in order to get your body-clock into a regular routine
- don't nap for the same reason

Then, there are some things that can help in emergencies
- herbal remedies such as hops and milk thistle from pharmacy
- antihistamines, from Piriton (mild and will last for around four hours) to Nytol (strong and will last for around eight hours). ask a pharmacist for advice on these
- sleeping pills from the doctor.

Finally, you need to sort out why you're not sleeping. Is it because you have got into a bad sleep-routine? Are you worried / stressed? Are you depressed (not enjoying anything / sad all the time)? Are you manic (excited / angry and full of energy)? Is it that your room is too light / too noisy / too hot?
When you've figured this out, hopefully you will be able to put it right, and everything will be fine and dandy.

Good luck.
You are obviously suffering from some kind of stress. Many people are suffering the same thing so you're not alone. Go to see your doctor and he will more than likely offer you some short term sleeping pills or counselling. If you are afraid to go to your Dr. so soon buy some herbal sleeping tablets and take some exercise it will really help you. Trust me I've been there and totally understand.
See a doctor you might have insomnia which I guess is really annoying but you can be perscribed pills to control it and help you sleep. Reading makes you really sleepy as well!
i put on a CD of bill bryson talking it puts me to sleep every time and stops at the end by which time i am asleep, if i wake i just start it again.
You may have been depressed at the start of all this. If not, you will almost certainly be moving towards it now.
Firstly you'll need to increase your natural endorphines which as you might know are your body's own natural anti-depressants. To encourage more release of these 'feel good' chemicals all you will need to do is increase physical activities. eg: go for a 1/2 hour run EACH day, or an hour's walk or cycle ride a day. You may not feel like it but please give it a go! It'll cost you nothing.
Also consider taking the very safe non-drug remedy in the form of the Bach Remedy called Rescue Remedy. Just put 3 to 4 drops in a glass of mineral water and sip slowly last thing at night. Also in the morning. Most chemists sell Bach Remedies now; also Boots.
Last but not least : if you find yourself lying in bed for more than 1/2 hour you must get out and do something boring (ie :Read a dreary book; Don't watch TV as it might well stimulate the brain ) until you start to feel tired.
This method has worked with well over 90% of those who took this advice.
See a doctor! Are you depressed? On drugs?

Try working out. Maybe not just before you want to go to sleep. And force yourself into a schedule. If you don't sleep all night, then don't sleep in the day, wait until it's night again.

Stop drinking coffee.

Stop thinking when you lie down to sleep. Try a meditation.