What can i feed my dog to build up his muscle or any home made recipes for muscle builder?

he is an 18 month old staffodshire bull terrier but has not much muscle
try adding a few cubes of liver to his food, lots of nutrients including iron. And try to exercise him regularly.
Try giving him small amounts of protein foods like chicken or livers. If you give him too much, it may upset his stomach. Also, something you may want to do is get you a long piece of nylon rope (about 2 feet longer than your dog from his collar to his rump) and attach it to something that has some weight to it like a cement block. While you are outside playing with him, the extra weight will build up his muscles while he is getting exercise. Don't do this for too long a period of time, maybe 5-10 minutes starting out. Also, keep an eye on him that he doesn't get tangled up, maybe run with him back and forth. My husband did this with his bulldog mix and Sam was one stout dog!
tripe, straight from an abbatoir if you can but the butchers stuff is okay, they love it and will build him up
First be sure you're feeding him a good food,nothing cheap.Eggs are great for a dogs muscles;they're full of protein,amino acids,and fatty acids so they're good for his skin and coat as well.Try giving him a cooked egg and a raw egg yolk three or four times a week.Also add some raw beef and beef liver two or three times a week.Yogurt is good;fish;milk if he can tolerate it.Add a good dog vitamin and make sure he gets plenty of vigorous exercise(swimming is good).If he doesn't start to put on some muscle,then you should have him seen by a vet.He's young;he really should already have fairly good muscles,but some dogs do mature later than others and don't reach their full bulk until they're two or three.
Exercise is the only thing that will build a dogs muscle. If you feed him more than he needs he'll just get fat. And don't overdo it too fast because you'll put too much strain on his joints.
Attaching a weight to his collar is a bad idea. You should never let your dog pull on the lead either; a pad or callous will build up over his windpipe where he pulls, and will interfere with his airway. Eventually that will cause heart disease. Short nosed breeds have enough trouble breathing without adding to the stress.
He's a pet dog, so good quality dog food is all he needs, along with enough exercise. A good long walk every day, a run off the lead, and a couple of games chasing a ball or frisbee will keep any dog in good health. They're not body builders and putting on too much muscle is not good for them long term.
exercise is the key-lots of runs daily
Why? Are you entering him into Mr Doggyverse or building him up to fight? You make it sound like a weakling. Leave the poor thing alone, it will sort its own muscle quotient out!
I had a German Shepherd who lived for 12 years ,now I have a Staffordshire bull terrier who is coming up to 11 and he is very big all Ive ever fed these is steamed chicken & rice with mixed vegetables steamed as well, vet has never told me to change thier diets and the German Shephard was a beauty and you just want to see my staffie he's a red with a black mask and black ears , also plenty of play and exercise best muscle builders there is.
Hes young yet he will develop muscle as he matures, please dont give him drugs to speed the process up they can be bad for dog affects kidneys liver etc
NO weights! not at this age. Just exercise. Swimming and walks are good at this point. Doing agility would be good too, it would increase your communication and give a good workout that's fun and increase his agility too:).

If you feel the need to add weights to his workouts when he's older, use a harness, don't tie it to his neck, that's just asking for trouble.
Fresh, raw meat. Chicken or beef is best. Yes, dogs CAN have raw meat, and RAW bones. Never give a dog a cooked bone, as they can splinter, but raw bones are great for their teeth. But the fresh meat will give him protien.
exercise and good protein food. you could try greyhound racing food, high protein but watch he does,nt get to fat, but i found this good for keeping weight on when my dobs were young.They used to burn it off running about and i found it helped.
!8 months old is teenage in dogs.look at a say,14 yr old boy,gangly,thin,out of porportion,you have to just let them grow up.Remember,feed him a good quaility dog food that is nutrient dense.if you pay $12.00 for 50lbs an pick up 70 lbs of poop,its not nutrient dense.Our 100lb shepherds eat 3 cups of Evo,Innova,or Canidae and have 1 small bowel movement a day.
Take in a stool an have it vet checked for worms an other parasites that may be keeping him thin.cheap hamburger(the fattiest you can find)can me mixed raw or cooked in with his dinner to add calories an increase interest in food.not more the 10% of his meal though or loose stools result.introduce any new foods slowly to ease it into his digestive system.good luck.
adult dog food.
ask your vet; he would be able to recommend the correct food
good food and exersise

no exersise then he will only get fat
enrol him at the gym

I am a Dhaxem animal healer, and can help your doggy, even at distance. Your question would otherwise be too general for anyone to answer it appropriately. In different cases the reason for this praticular problem would be a different one.

It appears to me that yout Staffy has a problem with his metabolism. That means that his body cannot convert very well the nutrients he receives into own body mass. He would need a number of remedies to correct this, and if you go ahead, I would suggest Solgar as the make. You can order over the internet. Your doggy needs this:

Bromelain 500mg tablets - Please give 3 tablets before a meal, but feed twice a day. Give the tablets only with one of these two meals.

In order to get good success, it is further important that you give your doggy good quality proteins. To improve possible commercial diets, he would greatly benefit from lean lamb 3 times a week, best raw, but start adding small bits to his usual food. Do not change over suddenly.

Please do the above for 3 weeks, and then add:

DLPA 500 mg vegetable capsule twice a week before meals

Please get in touch for maintenance after further 3 weeks, (6 weeks from now) I will be glad to help you further.

Best of luck.

Please, stroke your dog, for me.
First of all, if you are feeding a commercial diet like Iams, Science Diet, Eukanuba, Ol' Roy, Purina, etc. STOP! These foods are full of fillers like corn, wheat, or rice.
To build muscle you need to increase PROTEIN. You can put your dog on a BARF (Bones And Raw Food) diet, or switch a super premium dog food that has NO GRAIN. Local pet stores.not PetCO ro Petsmart, carry these better dog foods. Speak with the store manager about your dog's needs and your desired outcome on his condition. Once you have selected the best food for your dog, try increasing his exercise and perhaps get him into cart or weight pulling. Bully dogs do great in these games.
try giving him a lot of exercise this promotes muscle and use a well balanced diet buy good dog food.read ingredients
cat science diet dog food...my wife has a cat 20 years old,,,.only goes to vet for checkup and required shots..we have fed her science diet cat food for 19 years