Do neutered and spayed cats still have sex?

My feeling is that the answer is no. But why is this? If a woman has her ovaries removed she will not suddenly become asexual. Does a cat no longer have any interest in the opposite sex when it has been neutered?
In general, most animals do not have sex for pleasure, though there are exceptions (humans, dolphins, etc.). Cats do not have sex for the fun of it because cat sex is actually quite painful. The male cat has barbs on his penis that prevent the female from pulling away too easily, ensuring more offspring. This is painful when they're finished and the male has to pull out. That's also why you hear cats screaming when they mate (not the fighting, but during the actual mating). In addition, when a male cat is neutered, it is usually (not alwats) done before they are sexually mature, s they have not really developed a sex drive yet. You may notice that some cats that were neutered at a later age will still be interested, but not as much. Same goes for females. The ovaries and testicles are what secrete the hormones that drive the cat's sexual activity, and ths is just much lessened when the organs are removed.
no but they might try to hump lol
female cats when neutered have no desire for it
i think they have sex mainly for reproduction so once they cant do that they dont have a desire to have sex.
No they no longer have the desire to have sex as their drive has been removed.
They lose their sexual interest yes. Most animals only have sex to procreate not for enjoyment like most humans.
I suppose its posssible for a fixed animal to have sex but I have not heard of it.
No. Animals have sex strictly to procreate. Once that's gone, there's no reason to have sex.
If they are neutered late sometimes they will. If neutered young they don't know what they are missing.
my cat seems to, but i have to hold it down
No, but then a female cats sex urges are completely controlled by hormone levels, and male cats by response to the female cats state. Female cats only accept mating when they are ovulating and can get pregnant. Human females and males, see sex as an anytime activity, it doesn't depend on the females ovulation status.
yes they get it on all night long
If your cat is fixed before they have the urge, they won't even "hump". As for comparing them to human activity, they don't have the power of reason like we do and they only have sex when the female is in heat.
no they will not try to to . i know thats true for females and im not so sure about males.
no they don't hun.
yes. I have a neutered male cat that had sex with my female cat when she went into heat the first time. (Then I got her spayed).
you are right they lose interest once they have been neutered.
No. They completely lose interest when they are spayed/neutered.
I don't know about cats, but we had our dog fixed, and caught him locked up with the neighbor dog.
it depends on the sex drive of the cat some cats will and some cats lose interest
I have a female that is fixed and she has a strong sex urge. She does mate with intact neighborhood cats. I caught her and a neighbor's cat one night in the act. She just won't get pregnant. About the males, I do not know.
Definitely not. Males still fight with other males though. That is sure. They do not really have interest in sex- the act- anymore.
Well, I had a kitten a few years back who went into heat before I got her spayed (she was a stray and I didn't know she was old enough to be spayed). She spent a week prowling around the apartment yowling. To my shock (and horror, because he's a big boy) my neutered male did everything he could to accommodate her.
No they go right off it once they've been neutered. Pity you can't do a similar thing to husbands.