Is there a way of removing bot fly eggs from a horses coat without using a knife?

My brother told me the other day that our Grandma used to use vinegar to kill the eggs and that it worked. I suppose after the bot egg is dead it will just fall off. In the meantime, try using a mane comb. I think it's tiny teeth will probably pull them off. You might also try putting a little bit of some type of tape (like masking tape) on the affected area and pull them off.
i have heard there is a special comb for that.a friend of mine had something like that.

good luck.
keep taking the medicine and im sure you will recover soon
You can pinch them off with your nails- I don't know if you're in the uk but they are advertising a 'ladies 'tash trimmer' (ha!) which is a very safe razor, there is also a specific tool that you can buy from saddlers for this.

Are you talking eggs or larva?
yes, a lice comb works..metal is best the plastic ones give out too easy
talk to a vet but i would suggest washing ur horse.
use a pop bottle, they will go into the bottle, when "ripe" put the bottle over the lump and push slightly
You could use your teeth
Not that I know of. Consult a veterinarian or look for info on Wikipedia.
you can get hard grooming sponges from lincoln, they scrape the eggs off. they're also brilliant for getting mud off! my horse doesnt like bot knives. i used to use meths and a sponge but that wasnt as good!
What a bunch of dorks!

Anyway, the knife works best, but I have used the grooming stones with pretty good success, too. They're relatively cheap, as well (about $4.00).
You can use a comb, there is also spray, and you could worm them.
I've mainly used a knife for that, but I also found a bot comb in a vet supply magazine.
you can use a bot fly comb, they are at the local feed store and some pet stores, they are very cheep and we use them all the time, however, they are only around winter so you might want to make sure they are really bot eggs, and not regular ones, also make sure you keep the horse de-wormed, and that should stop it almost entirely. Good luck, by the way, we have 2 1/4 horses that are flea bitten greys, we love them, have fun.
a mate of mine uses sandpaper for removing them but i just use a scraper
If you're sure they're still eggs, the vet should probably do it, to minimize the chance of infection. If the eggs have hatched, you can get the larvae out without a knife. The bot fly larvae uses a little air hole to breathe. Put vaseline over it and when it runs out of air it will work its way out on its own.
I just saw something on TV, where you smother the magot with a vaseline patch, just slather it on & cover it with a bandage.they come out of the nest to breathe & you can remove the magot then. As for the eggs, I am not sure if that would help, but it might & a little vaseline can't hurt.
Those things are so gross!
I had a horse that i got from an old farm that got condemned once. The horse had these little yellowish eggs all over it (in addition to many other problems) The vet gave me a spray that you coat the eggs with and when they hatched the worms died almost instantly and no more laid eggs. (he had too many to comb off) Turns out the horse was a she and she was preggers and almost lost the baby due to malnutrition but we fed her and fed her and spoiled her and the baby looked like it's father was probably an escaped white Arabian from a nearby horse farm.
I just use thumbnail against first finger and nip them off. A nit comb might work, they're pretty big.
there are several ways of removing bot eggs from your horses legs. there is a special bot knife which you can purchase from a saddlers. pinch them off from under your nails individually. or use a grooming block which is made by lincoln from lava stone, but then you probably would use more stone than removing of eggs from the horses fetlocks. cannon bone area. you'll find they show up all over the body in certain light so there will always be one you may miss. good luck! bot knife or lava block is best.
Grooming stone.
It is a block of stone sort of like lava type thing
You rub it over the coat and it will remove dead hairs and such from the coat. when it gets dull you "sharpen" it by rubbing the edge on the concrete.
They work well for bot eggs.
A bot knife works the best but you can use any knife.
Bots eggs are stuck to the hair by a cement the female coats the eggs in when she sprays the eggs on the hair, use a bot knife or grooming block or a bic razor once the eggs are removed wipe the area down with some baby oil and the eggs will not stick again .
And eqalavan duo wormer is brill for removal of internal bots.
try a bot fly comb .////////////////// bit like a flea comb im told .///////////////
I use my fingernails too. Sometimes easier than a comb especially if horses tendons are prominent(sp)

Just been told by my 9 year old daughter dont use your nails if they are long incase the eggs hatch!