What do you do if you can't afford vet bills to have your pet put down?

How would you do it in a humane way with no pain. People used to drown cats, a painful death.. A man who beheaded his cat with an axe was done by the RSPSA but it was a quick pain free death. I think putting sleeping pills in their food is the best way.
In the U.K. you can contact your local Cats Protection or the Blue Cross. If your cat is of a specific breed, contact the relevant breed clubs, as they have welfare funds to address such situations and would likely pay to have the cat put down at a local vet surgery, if the cat is too ill to be nursed back to health. If the cat can be treated, Cats Protection or a Breed Club (for pedigreed cats) will pay for treatment and re-home the cat if necessary.
My neighbor will take him out back and put a round in him for a 6 pack of beer.
Take the pet to the pet refuge, they will put them down the same way as a vet would.
there are Charity's that help with problems like this
go to the PDSA they will do it for free, also why does the animal need putting to sleep. If it is in pain then get to the PDSA a.s.a.p. they will help you..Peoples Dispensary For Sick Animals.
Contact the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) in your area. If you are really too poor to afford a vet then they will do it for free. Please do not try to put your pet down by yourself, if you get it wrong then they will suffer unduly.
if you cant afford a pet don't get one insurance is there to help and if you get housing benefit the PDSA help with free treatment .
report it to the pound as a found pet, They will deal with it, But yes, sleeping pills might work.
Load up a gun.
I am so sorry you have to have your pet put to sleep, if you can't afford a vet, then take it to the RSPCA, they will put your pet to sleep humanely.
take it to the local RSPCA hospital
You can always take them to the dog's or cat's home, who have vets available to put an animal to sleep if this is required. DIY euthanasia is not recommended!
this had just happen to me today.. my cat had a urinary tract and his bladder is really hard.. the vet says that the whole surgery would cost abt $1200.. so my mum says juz to bring him home and let fate decides for him
Contact the PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals). It is a registered charity set up to help those who struggle with vets bills.

Do not attempt to put your pet to sleep yourself.
Why do you need to put down your pet? if he/she is not sick a lot of people be there to took it.
As far as I know the RSPCA have funding assistance and may put you pet to sleep for you. Contact your nearest centre or animal hospital they will help.
If you're referring to your cat-see if someone like the ASPCA can help you-the local animal shelter will also help. Since animals sysem is different than a human can't guarantee sleeping pills will work the same on a cat-may just make her violently ill before it dies. You can also call your local Humane Society for they will help you-thats their function. Good Luck
usually a vet should let you make payments over time. they usually require a small amount up front, and the rest later. if you cant find a vet that would do that, then if your animal is in enormous pain and shouldnt have to tolerate the pain, be sure to put them down quickly and painless. if you have sleeping pills that you know would work 100%, then do it that way. if not then i would have someone who knows what they are doing, put it down with a rifle. but only if they could do it with one shot and its over. if not ask people for help with money for the vet. because no animal should have to suffer. and usually the cost to put an animal down is less than $100 to $150. just make sure to think about whats best for the animal before making a decision.
badically mate i do not know who ayou are to discuss sucj=h a subject iam finding it really upsetting and sick . Basically a trained vet will put an animal down if it is suffering and ina lot of pain and it usually down so they do not feel anything and it like they are going to sleep sometimes the onwer is with them and roicks them to sleep i find this all very very upsetting i canh't continue.with this.
Can you afford a vet ? For the humane way ? If not I don't advise this but I know life gets hard and sometimes you have to do things not as much from want but for other reasons. Go at night to a local shelter you know is open and drop the pet. They will asses the situation and decide what is best with vets on hand. If you pet has a gallstone that is treatable and you put it down that's messed up. The other option is to call a vet and say "can I make payments" ? If that's to risky you have to know you can be charged for killing an animal, I suggest you avoid pets until your more able to care for potential medical threats. The fact you can't afford a basic medical evaluation tells me you're not fiscally ready for pets. Do you know what the pet has ? Is it a history of cancer or a sudden illness ? If you take the pet at discreetly put it in the ASPCA's feet, if it was discovered you'd most likely receive a fine they'd take payments. I suggest you call a local vet and explain your pet is sick and you can't afford to pay for it. Or call the local shelter and explain the situation they may be able to help. In the end you may have to sign custody to your pet over. If you lack the courage and social skills to do this drive the pet to a small town shelter or ASPCA and drop it off. The other option is calling a vet who might give you advice on how to Jack Kevorkian a pet, most won't the liability is to great. If you caught your legal defense will have more to work with then he shot the sick dog. Drive your local neighborhood tell you find a large house with two cars and toys in the yard, hope the child finds the animal. Don't get anymore pets. I've a feeling you didn't spaid, neuter or license it either. If it's chipped and ends up dead they'll come looking for you so don't cut it's head off.

Thank god for CAB and PDSA.

P. S urinary track infection cat owner what the hell is wrong with you ? Your cat is gonna is suffer over a tract infection it most likely got from the food you fed it. The kidneys go bad then the system fills with poisen and they slowly stop function. The brain as it's infected gets really weird but the cat will still function only he won't be the cat you knew. Don't get another pet.
normally a sharp hit behind the head (with a lump of wood) will do it instantly = painless as they don't have time to feel the pain.
unless you have a licence to put animals down, then don't try it.. use PDSA. RSPCA, Even a vet would help with any instalments..if we have pets, we need to find the money for treatment. Just as with us, they deserve the best medical care, even at the end of their life.
In many areas the PDSA (www.pdsa.org.uk) will provide free vet treatment for animals whose owners can't afford it. Otherwise you could sign the pet over to the RSPCA (or SSPCA). I believe that in the UK it is illegal for anyone other than a vet to diagnose or treat animals, and I am pretty sure euthanasia is included in this.
mydad was going to use a spade to hit our rabbit over thehead,
but i think sleeping pills is prob best way
or give them to the RSPCA and they cant do it in a way they consider humane
You take it to the RSPCA & explain that you have no money & they will do it for you either for free or for a nominal charge.
Take it to the PDSA or cats protection league.
You don't do it. You take it to the RSPCA or PDSA and they do it.
I would take him to the rspca or pdsa.
a quick, painless death in the hands of qualified vets.
i remember taking my dog to the vets she was very poorly indeed, she was a12 year old gsd, the vet said she wouldn't survive, so had to be pts.
i had no money at the time to pay for her treatment as i clearly stated on the phone to the vets but they said bring her in to be seen and we can make arrangements for me to pay later on.

vets will see a dog who needs treatment even if you haven't got the money to pay staight away.
Don't have a pet if you cannot afford to take care of it. Euthanasia is not that expensive, at least when compared to other medical treatments vets do every day. What would you do if your pet had something treatable but it cost more than putting it down? People need to realize that it costs money to care for a pet and that they are not just window dressing to be admired and disposed of when they become inconvenient. Take responsibility.
Maybe you could cancel your Internet subscription for a month to pay to have your pet put down properly.