My cat farts a lot how do stop him?

Give him dry complete food instead of tinned meat. My male cat has only ever eaten dried as he doesnt like the meat, and he never farts, whereas my female who only eats the tinned...what a minger!!
Don't stop him, join him.
. and the problem is.?
quit giving him milk.
sorry but Im lmao.
give him some Bean-o or Gas X
Mine used to so i changed her diet. She was on gravy meals, and i changed it to jelly, this helped a great deal.
milk is the problem.stop giving it..
With a stopper of course - it's obvious
You could try a cork!


Other than that change it's food
My cat has gas too. What Do you think it is? The food? I give her a good brand of food. So i dunno. Weird. lol
A wine cork?
give it a vindaloo so when it farts it will be so hot he will not try to fart anymore
If he is a kitten, you may have changed him to adult food to early and it could be too rich for him causing flatulence, if he is an adult cat maybe his food just doesn't agree with his stomach so try a new one. Failing all of this the only other suggestion is a peg for your nose or a cork for his bum, which ever is easier!
dont feed him alot of soft food stick with the crunchy kind and dont let him have milk products
Change his or her diet = food
You might also want to try the Nutro brand cat food. It has less fillers than most cat foods, therefore, less things to interact badly with the cat's system. I use Nutro for my dogs and they never fart.
You give him a food he can digest properly. Read the label on your cat food bag. Of the first three ingredients two of them are probably some form of corn. Corn is hard for cats to digest and is only useful to them for calories, not for their basic need for meat.

You need to go to a high-end food without corn. CA Natural is chicken and rice. Natural Balance dry foods do not have corn. They have at least a couple of choices for you.

Your cat will utilize a higher percentage of his food so there will be less crap and it won't be as smelly and the farting should stop.
change his diet my vet recomeds died food
This really works! Every time he farts, grab him and shove your finger up his rectum. Most cats hate this and will stop farting within a month or so.

There are some perverted cats that like it. If your cat is getting into the finger, then refuse to shove your finger up his rectum if he farts even once that day.

Good luck. I'll pray for you.
change their food
feed him quality dry cat food like hills science diet, m├ędi-cal or iams. Always provide a bowl of fresh water,you should change the water morning and night. Dont feed him table leftovers.
I have a feeling your cat may eat dry catfood? If thats the case, he isnt getting enough water to drink. If he is fed on normal catfood; ie., cans, tuna, chicken etc., he may have a bowel problem. Ask a vet.
put a cork in his bottom....
change his diet slowely and dont over-feed him.
well, change their diet to a nutritious diet, and they have special gas formulas at some pet stores. or you can ask yr vet about some food that will help. and don't listen to "bluedog", giving yr cat gas-x or beano will olny make things worse and it will add onto to misuri, for you and yr cat, as that is made for the human digestive system.
so does mine if he eats a certain type of food .
try dry complete food in stead of meat and should solve the problem .
Take him to a vet and he ll give you the medicine.
change his diet.
Maybe a diet change would help