How can i get my kittens to do the toilet outside?

My kittens are 10 months old and have never done the toilet outside, they are happy to go out and seem relaxed enough, but they come running in to use the litter tray in the house!
First take the litter tray outside and let them use that. Then take out some litter and put a little on the ground where you would like them to go to the toilet and they should work out from there what they need to do. Good luck. If you're really lucky they will then learn to pooh in someone else's garden!
you have to teach them, just like you taught them to use the litter box
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Get a German sheep dog and keep it (the dog) inside.
They've got too used to the litter tray..

If you have an adult cat or two to be a role-model then thats typically best. but not always possible. If you don't have that option, then its a matter of catching them when they're about to do their business and carrying them quickly outside to leave them a position where they'll have no choice but to do it out there. Do it enough, and they'll start to pre-empt you and go outside to do their business instead.

Cats are smart like that.
my cat is a year old and she does the same which i think is better because at least she isn't doing it in other peoples gardens, but if you really don't want it in the house try putting the tray out in the garden when they are outside they may get the hint.
Start by moving the indoor litter box about 1-2 feet per day towards the door. When you finally get it to the door leave it there for a few days then move it to the outside of the door. Once you move it outside take the cats and show them where it is. Then little by little move it away from the door until it is out in the yard.

Once they get used to that then scoop out their daily business and put it in the grass. Show them that you have put it in the grass and take one of their front paws and scratch the grass as if to show them how to "bury" it. Once they start using the grass you can finally get rid of the litter box.
by putting the litter out side
Sprinkle used litter on the area that you would like them to use, the smell should persuade them to start going there. Putting the litter tray outside may also encourage them.
Cats are naturally trained to use to a litter box, as are ferrets so try moving the litter box outside but close to the door, they also may not use it if it is too cold outside.
Get them to go on paper and move the paper nearer and nearer to your back door (or in your case move the litter tray nearer and nearer) and eventuall put it outisde and hopefully they should use it. However some cats simply don't like going outside and there's nothing you can do to change their minds!
every time your kitten seems to (you know what).take it outside.take her paw and scratch it on the ground so it knows that it is the right place to do this for about a week and it will absolutely understand what it's suppose to do.
First put he litter tray outside for a few days near where you would like them to go then get rid or the tray and put some litter on the spot for a few days by then they should be getting the idea.
every time you see them using the litter box pick them up and put them straight outside and shut the doors for at least five minutes i had the same problem
I have a very finicky cat. Whenever his litter box isn't immaculate, and I mean "you better clean up what I just did", clean. He will go outside and go. He comes right back in, so it is amusing, more like a dog than anything. He was a stray when I found him so I think he was used to going outside anyway!
First move the litter tray close to the door, leave it there for about a week then move it outside the door. After they have got used to this move it properly into the garden, they should then get used to going to the toilet outside after a while take away the litterbox.
its actually better for them to go inside.
you can moniter them better that way - since most health problems show up as changes in their stools.
also if they go bathroom outside you will soon have some VERY upset neighbours.. there are often stories of neighbours stealing and disposing of problem cats who poop in their flower beds

if you feed them a good quality food they wont poop as much as if they are on a grocery store or Wal Mart level food.. all of which contain far too much filler (corn isnt for cats.. cats are TRUE carnivours.. by-products = beaks feet feathers)
The best way, without fail is to put a bit of soil in with the cat litter and gradually build the amount of soil in there until the litter tray is just soil. Usually cats will get the idea before this stage but even if they dont they will in the end. The idea behind it as that the stuff that they pee on in the litter tray is the same as the stuff outside and so they put two and two together and get four! (instead of getting five and having to run inside for the toilet!)
Hope this works. It has for me.
Start leaving the litter tray day by day nearer the back door and they will soon be outside going for you. Good Luck
hi there, if you dont use it in their litter tray already, try using soil from the garden in it, and have the tray next to the door, then move the tray outside, gradually they will use the garden. i have never used cat litter i have always used soil from the garden in their trays and they then automatically use the garden as they are used to doing their buisness in it also solves the recyling problem you just throw the used soil back into the garden.
start by moving the little tray closer and closer to the door or cat flap. then when he/she goes out side sit with her and treat her when she does do her stuff out side.