I lay down rat poison for a rodent problem, now i have 3 dead cats in my garden. wot do i do?

Go bury the cats. Then clean up all the poison and replace it with peppermint oil soaked cottonballs. Its a natural way to get rid of rodents without the hazards of poison lying around. But don't put it on varnished surfaces or anything you don't want damaged because even though it IS natural, its powerful and can eat up paint and varnishes.
tell me you are joking!!!!! call theRSPCA you idiot!!
That's bad luck!
hope your neighbors dont come looking for their cats!
Don't tell anybody about the rat poison.
Find the owners, apologise liberally, and offer them some money for a new cat. If you don't want confrontation. bury them it never happened. But that is bad karma.
Put them in a bin liner, bury them and say bollocks.
Rat poison is illegal.

Good luck
well, the best way if for you to by or rent a live rat trap, the animal control office should have one for you to borrow. That way neither animal is harmed, though rat poison shouldn't have a death reaction to cats, the reason it works is because rats can't throw up.
The cats ate the rats who ate the poision. So, this clues you in- don't use poison anyway. It gets wet, small children and animals can get to it, and then it gets washed into the local water system anyway. So the cats will eat the rats given time.
Get rid of rat poison, buy your own cat (alive) and let it catch the rats. :-)
bury the evidence
This is soooo horrible. Do you recognize these cats from your neighborhood? If so, it is your responsibility to let your neighbors know what happened. For this situation you may want to call animal control and see what they can do or what they advise.

I really hate that this has happened to those poor cats. I know that this wasn't your intention, but I hope this never happens again. So sad. . . . .

**I have to concur with others, you shouldn't have used the rat poisoning in the first place especially if there are cats around. But I disagree with some others, do not keep this a secret, the cat owners deserve to know what happened to their cats. The cat owners will never see their pets again and they will never know why. That's just not fair nor is it right.
you are an idiot
throw them out before they start to smell
yeah yeah wind up, they dont drop dead on the spot
Firstly get a bigger cat, like a lion. They look scary. If that fails may i suggest a crocodile. The rat wud defo think twice bout entering your garden. Come to think of it my neighbour has an annoying dog, rat poison......hmmm... though, if you have a heart, locate the owners, who will be frantically looking for their cats, just explain what happened, it was after all an accident, if you have no balls, how about the local chinese.......... luck
Look for a new home or rent one!
Bury the dead cats.THen get rid of the rat poison.And instead,buy yourself 2 or 3 cats that will catch the mice for you
ARE YOU FRIKIN SERIOUS? I didn't think people were that stupid! You do know that rat poison is illegal. right? You killed three cats! THATS NOT FUNNY! What you do is go to the peoples cat you killed and apologize. Offer them a new cat, or offer them the amount of money they paid for the cat. If you can't find the owners then bury the cats.
Rat poison kills lots of things. What you should do is get a cat, we had a rodent problem (bad!) because we live near an alley, we had mice, rats, possums, etc. Although my cat never caught one, they don't come around because they can smell the cat. Also you can buy (I know this is strange) powdered fox urine. The rodents stay away because they can smell it. You sprinkle it in your yard.
You can't think for yourself on what to do with the cat instead you have to go online and asked...what an idiot. Why won't you just leave the cat there and let them stink up your backyard
get rid of the rat poison straight away before you kill more cats.
you are a serious idiot! 1) putting rat poison down where animals other than rats would get to it and 2) letting your cats outside!!

Too bad your cats had to die in an unloving environment like yours.
I'm not sure this guy is for real, have you seen his other question?
ok Thats bad for your neibours but a good soloution is to put the rat poision in a pipe small enough for the rats but not to big that the cats can get at it
Not you fault the wee greedy Bas***rds ate the poison. Seriosly though, imagine it was a kid who ate it. Me thinks thats why you are supposed to put rat poison under floorboards etc
another wind up u wouldnt get 3 dead cats in your garden an ill cat will always try and make its way home lets have genuine questions only before the rspca start recruting more staff to deal with sickoes like you
that is terrible.get rid of the poision try to find out who is missing cats tell them what happened return there dead kitty nothing is worse then not knowing what happened to a loving pet.then call an exterminator who can get rid of your problem with out harming and killing poor defensive animals. why do you have rats ..
dont use rat posin just use cats if you can find one at a pet store or shelter.