Do pet rats urinate everywhere when allowed to run around the house and can you catch disease from them?

I've had 8 rats and on the whole they do leave trace amounts of urine when allowed to run loose - this usually applies to bucks - the does tend not to - but a particulaly dominant individual might.

The urine left is a tiny amount - unless you plan to lick it up, I'd be extremely surprised if you'd catch anything - pet rats don't grow up in sewers. You can barely see it!

I used to find that my rats used to go back into their cages to urinate or poo - I think it's because predators would find them if they did it everywhere - it make natural sense to be clean.

Rats can be trained to answer to their names and are extremely responsive - much more so than hamsters or other rodents. My vet used to say he'd recommend them as the best rodent to keep because they were so much less likely to bite (even when handled by young owners) They don't smell - I kept mine in my room (not all 8 at once) with no nasty niff.

Choose a pair to be fairest to the rats - but if you want a really responsive rat and if you have lots of time to dedicate to it, one will be your best friend.
Yes, and you can catch Leptosporosis.
I've had rats, I've never just let mine run I used to put them in a exercise ball and let them run that way. They would poo in it but never urinate.
No you can't catch disease from them so long as they are actually pet rats. If it was a wild rat yes you can catch diseases.
yes and potentially yes, but if your rat is healthy no problem
Yes - they mark their territory with urine.
Yes - you can catch Weil's Disease from their urine. This illness is also known as Leptospiral Jaundice.
It can be fatal.
Beware of Leptospirosis and/or Weil's Disease - caused by coming into contact with rats' urine.
Oh I think they must do. unless you have house trained them to use a litter tray or something.

I reckon you could catch a disease of them just as you would after handling any urine, be it human or animal. Wash your hands!.. thats the first line of defence. just WHAT is the fascination with pet RATS anyway for goodness sake? horrible little creatures...
Rats, like many rodents, prefer to urinate in one spot over and over again. They have toilets, just like us!
I used to have a pet rat, and we kept her in her cage at the beginning but eventually she became free range. She continued to go back to her cage to pee in the same spot except for once, when my ex-boyfriend was playing with her and I think she couldn't make it to her cage on time.
Rats are highly intelligent animals and very easy to train. Think of them like a cat!
Oh, but one thing: while they will urinate in the same spot, they poo everywhere. So if you want to let your rat out for awhile expect to be picking up lots of turds. I'm sure a lot of people would find that too gross to deal with, but I didn't mind.
They will, that is, unless you provide them a litter box. They're smart and will eventually learn how to use it. It also works with rabbits and guinea pigs.

Regarding the other question, yes, you can catch a disease, but your house would need to be impregnated with pee everywhere, the occasional pee puddle is not a threat, unless your pet is badly sick in the first place.
No. It depends very much on the kind of pet, the animal's natural behaviour and the education and training it has received.
And catching diseases from a pet: Not likely. Unless the animal is carrier of a very unusual and dangerous virus, there is no risk.
Not sure - I have a ferret & she uses
the litter box when she is out of her
cage - for the most part anyway . Try
to litter box train your rats - I think you
can do it . Not sure though
Bucks do pee everywhere. No you CANNOT catch anything if they are domestic rats..iv'e kept rats for 10 yrs. Litter train them..problem solved.
yes the disease is called leptospira a very nasty disease and is a killer in dogs and not very nice to humans . if you keep dog/s then make sure you get them injected against it see your local vet clinical signs in dogs/humans are vomiting fever dehydration jaundice . best advice i can give is if you keep pet rats don,t keep dogs and watch the kids

PET rats, fancy rats, domestic RATS,
nothing whatsoever like wild sewer rats,

you cannot get ANYTHING from your pet rat, safe as any animal, like cats dogs etc.

male rats like to mark their owners, its like a territory marking, its literally a tiny droplet, and if you have male rats that do this you should consider it that the rat likes you, the females dont, they wont pee and crap all over the plcae, only baby rats do this , and only THEN its in fear, to train them you pick up the tiny pellet and put it in its cage, then put the rat next to it every time, i have girls who after having been out of the cage rush to use the corner of their cage to relive themselves.

No one knows jack shite about pet rats and all have a biased taboo, lack of knowledge people, lack of knowledge!