How long should I leave it before getting another cat?

My young kitten of 9 months died about 3 weeks ago from wet fip. Has anybody experienced this virus in their cat, I have another cat and want to get him another playmate. Has anyone else experienced this and how long was it before getting a new kitten?
2 years or so for it to cool down
I think u should get a kitten soon before its to late once the over kitten thinks hes/ shes the boss she will not like the ittle kitten
anyway good luck i hope it gos well=)
love me!
As long or as little as you feel you need to get over the death of such a small cat. Some people say jump right in but I know for others it's almost like "desiccating the grave" getting a new cat or kitten so soon. I would get one straight away as I wouldn't want the other kitten to go too long without a playmate but I think, if you haven't already, that if possible you should get the surviving kitten checked out for the disease. Then go ahead and get a beautiful new one.
i had a cat that was about a year old or more and she died from an unknown cause but none the less heartbreaking for me. my husband tried to fix it by comforting me and all but it wasnt enough so the next day i had gone and got a new kitten that is now going on a year and a alf years old and has had 2 litters already. yes to some the day after is to soon but to others its not. i wasnt looking to replace her i was looking to let her memory live on in a bond i made with the new cat.
seeing as its been 3 weeks i think you are ok on getting a new kitten or cat.
good luck and im sorry about your loss
Cats infected with the FIP virus shed the corona virus in their saliva and in their feces. Most cats become infected by inhaling or ingesting the virus, either by direct contact with an infected cat, or by contact with virus-contaminated surfaces such as clothing, bedding, toys or food/water dishes.

The FIP virus is rapidly inactivated by most household detergents and disinfectants, although without using these chemicals the virus can survive for a number of weeks in the environment. A recommended solution for killing the FIP virus on surfaces is one part of household bleach in thirty-two parts of water (which is 4 ounces of bleach per gallon of water.)

Before getting a new cat you should make sure that all surfaces in your house are cleaned thoroughly. Not just the floors but the walls, the chairs, the counters the cabinets. Once the virus in in your house you need to basically bleach it out. Once everything is cleaned wait at least 1 week for the bleach smell to subside (remember cats sense of smell is better than ours) before you get a new cat.
Sorry to hear about your kitten, no i havent heard of `wet fip`
My mother in-law loves cats, and every time her cat died, she`d always be really upset and say "Thats it, no more cats!"
But within a couple of weeks she would go and get another.
So really, if your ready for another, Why not go and get one whenever you like.
Ask your vet about how long any of the virus could remain. Sterilize or get rid of bowls, etc.
That should answer the non emotional aspect. How soon you feel ready for another kitten, is up to you. Some people want an immediate replacement, others need time to grieve and move past the loss. Only you can make that decision.
I am truly sorry for your loss - I had my 11 year old cat die suddenly about a month ago - I know the pain.
Take the time you need - give attention and love to your kitty, she/he is grieving too. When the time comes, please consider rescuing a shelter kitty.
when ever u feel like u can move on from it. losing a pet is really hard. so its all about how you feel.
I would get another cat sooner rather than later, the longer you leave it, the more the other cat will get used to being alone, and therefore less welcoming of other cats. We considered getting another cat when one of ours died, but now theres no way we would do it because he likes to have all the attention, and doesn't want other cats to invade his territory.
get one as soon as poss.,you miss the little buggers when they've gone,get one, or better still two,from the cats protection league,best of luck
Don't get another one. You should be ashamed of yourself in the first place for giving a home to the most cunning, self-centered, arrogant, snooty and heartless creature of the animal kingdom. I am the most friendly person to flora and fauna in the world, but I would certainly kick a cat. Oh and a magpie.
Get a Rottweiler - he will exterminate your remaining cat rather quickly.
i would really ask my vet this question , it is really inportant , so the new kitten dosent get sick to.
get one now it'll probably not replace your loss but it will be a continuum9is that the right word?)
OMG poor you, that must be hard for you, If it was me i would go to the shelter and get a kitten then you would no that there was nothing wrong with it. I will be thinking of you
I have not had a cat who died from FIP and have talked to a number of people whose kitten has died from this when they came seeking another cat for adoption.

If you go to: Dr. Jean Hovfe has an article about FIP in her newsletter archives. The article is in Volume 4, #4 for May 2006.
Sorry to hear about your kitten. Get a new cat as soon as you want. I wouldn't leave it too long though else your other cat will get too used to being on it's own and will hate a new cat coming into the house, Good luck and happy cat hunting!
get a new one as soon as, your other cat will still be used to having another around. plus without knowing it your other cat is missing him/her to.
sorry for your loss i cant even begin to think how u feel as we have just taken delivery of two kittens and cant bear to live without them.
Ask your vet; the infection could live in your house for YEARS and kill every cat you bring in there. Ask an expert!