My rats balls are bigger than mine!?

I'm so jealous of my pet rats balls! They are so huge and soft, not that I'm a rat molesterer, does anyone know why rodents seem to be so blessed with these perfect balls?
I'm not sure but rat balls are huge.If you got a kick out of should see what me and my daughter saw on a horse the other day.
Rodents have large testicles compared to their body size because they are affluent reproducers and need to make tons of sperm to make tons of babies. Rats can produce a litter of 10-15 babies every 3 weeks, starting when they are 6 weeks old (though in captivity, NEVER let your rat breed this early or this often!). Considering rats live 2-3 years, that's a lot of babies! Also, male rats often mate with more than one female, so he needs all the sperm he can produce to spread his genes around and create more little ratlets!
you should go play with a football and leave ratty alone.
I'm worried about you. Your question is why are rodents so blessed with this? Your question should be "why do I have such small balls? I obviously have a serious problem and may not be complete male. Should I see a doctor?" You are totally concerned about the wrong subject nutso.
To bad peanut.
Congratulate the rat! YAY Whiskers!
hahahahahahaa your rat has bigger balls than you!! hahqahahahahahaha
Um. Your a SICKO
What you worried about. I've got a hamster who's got the balls of an elephant.

Jealous or WHAT!!
perhaps you have really small testicles
become a happy man---Get A Goldfish
my hamster has big nuts too. i think you notice them cos'compared to the rest of they're cute bodies it looks kind of know..small furry animal with big balls.mines always showing them off when he's about letting it all hang out!
HA HA HA! I think it's because they make a lot of babies and need a lot of sperm. At first the balls scared me, now I think they're kind of cute. I call them 'tail pillows'