When is my dog (female) most fertile?

she has just had her period, and have been informed this is the most likley time. But the males seem to more interested in the two weeks after she has finished passing blood. I want to be careful as she is pedigree and there are a lot of dogs roaming around trying to get to her!
When "Dog the Bounty Hunter" is around.
every 6 months your dog is going to be in heat that means that she is going to have her period wait 12 day after the first day that she started and place her with the male
either look it up on the net hun or go to a vet they will give u the best answers hun
Why do you want to beed a dog?

Are you not aware that there are 15 dogs born for every one human? http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cf.

Are you not aware that there are millions of dogs killed every year because of not enough homes? http://www.jour.unr.edu/outpost/voices/v.

Are you not aware that only 1 dog in 10 gets a permanent home? www.safehavenforcats.com/main..

Are you not aware that one female and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in just six years? http://www.metroplexanimalcoalition.com/.

That coupled with the health benefits of spay/neuter WHY would you breed your dog? www.sniksnak.com/benefits.html

i have a springer spaniel and always thought it was the same as women, before they bleed, when they smell fishy, cause they only bleed if there is nothing growing inside. (i think)
About 11 days after she first shows blood
she isn't fertile untill she ovulates, which would be roughly a week to 9 days after spotting begins. she is kikely to be ovulating about 1 week -9 days..but will continue to attract males for a few more days.
It is the 13th day after you first notice blood. Your dog should be a minimum of 2 years old before you breed her, and should only have 2 litters of pups, at the most 3, before you have her spayed. If you have an accidental breeding, you can take her to the vet within 24 hr. and they can give her a shot to prevent the embryos from attaching to her uterus.
breed her at a bout the 12th -14th days of her heat.
right after bleeding slows or stops.
most females will only accept males when ready.
they stay in heat for about 21 days.
i bred doberman pinschers years ago and peekapoos too.
my doberman never liked to be bred, we had to hold and muzzle her. sounds bad but we were into raising pups..needed money.
but later we lost more tha we made. now we spay all of our dogs. we just want great friends/pets.
but if u must breed her..wait till 12-14th day.best time and up till day 21.
dont breed a female under 1 year old. she needs to finish growing on the inside.ok.
best not to breed ..too many animals killed(gassed ) daily in pounds. really think on this ok. please. even purebreeds are killed in shelters.!!
the average heat runs twenty-one days . some bitches show a bloody flow throughout the season, and others fade to pale pink after ten days. the estrous cycle contains four parts : anestrus, proestrus, estrus and metestrus. anestrus is the r&r between heats proestrus is the onset of the heat most females refuse mating at this time .fertilization cannot occur during proestrus. estrus is when the female accepts ,in fact invites ,coitus with a male. the bleeding often decreases and becomes pale in color . this receptive period of four days to a week is when ovulation takes place. timeliness can be checked by rubbing the female just above the root of her tail. If she flags, she is approaching ovulation-----toward the end of the season ,the discharge becomes brownish.
metestrus is the stage that readies the uterus for pregnancy. If fertilization does not occur this stage reverts to anestrus.
hope this of some help.owning the book is a must if you choose to breed her. rd
Dogs don't have periods - period.

When she is bleeding this is when she is at her most fertile, when she is in heat - if you don't want her getting pregnant then get her done, if you do then I'd strongly suggest learning more about this yourself.