Why does my dog constantly lick its scrotum ?

Because he can't make a little fist.
because it can.
Maybe it tastes good, you will never know unless you try it.
wouldn't you if you could!!
cause it feels good and he can
cos it can hahahahahhahahah
wouldn't you? if you could
because it likes the taste of your mum!
Anal glands needs to be released. Any grooming shop should be able to do this. This will also help with the rubbing against the carpet, grass, concrete. Just to be sure it isn't worms check his stool.
You take a shower. Dogs and cats lick themselves to keep clean.
Because yours is to far away?
think your talking bollo==s
My dog does that to. It is quite digusting. The dog's genitourinary tract will not function without the stimulation that comes from frequent licking. It is just a natural habit.
He can
it's either dirty or it feels good
he may need to have his anal glands expressed.
coz it can
because he can!
Cos he is a male and cos he bloody well can!!
perhaps he learnt it from you!!
He likes to be clean! Give him some privacy! He probably does it because it tastes like fish and it's the only way to get attention. Cats do it too. It's not always dogs.