I have 2 cats, answer me this do cats kill rabbits?

There was a small dead rabbit outside my front door, with small bite, scratch marks on it, they bring birds and mice home normally.
Yes they do. My cat has killed at least one baby rabbit that I know .
Maybe, my cats dont bother with rabbits but they are my pets, wild ones I couldn't say.
sometimes it can be so if cat is aggressive
Yes, they will, however, I have 2, and last easter, I got up and both of them had a small rabbit. They were alive, and I took them away from my CHILDREN and let them go outside ( Far wawy from the house ) I thought it was a nice gift, and rewarded them with some wet food!
yes they can kill rabbits my cat did
yes they kill rabbits
Yes, my daughters cat did!
Cats certainly do kill Rabbits. They prefer to kill liddle baby ones as big ones kick.
Chances are you have a baby rabbit that wandred to far from mammy
if they dint maybe you did!
Yes they do.
my neighbours cat used to leave massacred rabbits all over my lawn so yes
My cat used to 'gift' me squirells so I cannot
see why a cat could not take a rabbit on and
win .
yes. cats are natural predators, but house cats usually hunt to provide food to the larder (in their minds). so, if they take they prey and give it to you, say thank you to the cat and discreetly throw it away without the cat knowing it.
If the cats are hunters, anything smaller may be fair game. The neighborhood cats killed a small family of rabbits in my backyard a couple of years ago. However they leave the huge Groundhog who moved into the rabbit hole alone.
my cat brought in a baby rabbit almost as big as itself and tried to torment it,but we took it back to a bit of countryside.
My cat used to bring me rabbits as a gift, always laid them on my bed. Rabbits have a very thin skin, and it isn't that hard for a cat to kill them.
omg yes they do..my landlords cat will take huge chunks outta the middle of poor little rabbits.some times he just plays with them, and breaks their legs, then they lay all helpless by my steps its pitiful.damn cat!!
yeah they can it is nature of the cats.Don't get angry with your cat. Just be sure that you had burried rabbit. i am not sure but some cats can eat what they had killed. Just say no in a angry voice when he/she brings dead thing.
Yes, they do. I had to take a rabbit away from my cat once. Unfortunately, it would not have survived the injuries inflicted upon it, I had to do the humane thing then bury it. Cats are predatory by nature.
Yes, absolutely! For cats that have been taught to hunt by their mothers, a rabbit is no adversary. I have seen rabbits totally decapitated by cats. And cats are not being cruel when they do this, they are natural hunters and kill by instinct. That's why cats are great mousers and rat killers where there is an infestation. For something so furry, cuddly and at peace with the world, a cat is indeed a wolf in sheeps clothing!
Yes, cats will kill rabbits. Sometimes ones almost as large as the cat. To them rabbits are just a different kind of rodent.
Sure - you answered your own question. When I was a wee tot, we had a cat that used to bring back dead rabbits that were lareger than she was. Your kitties love you. It's either that or a cat in the neighborhood is trying to pay his or her way into your household by leaving what it catches on your doorstep.
yes cats do kill rabbits especially tom cats they will chase anything smaller than them and kill they think this is a present for u sometimes they will bring them in alive
Its unusual but not unheard of, I think probably that most pet cats never see a rabbit so it has more to do with opportunity. A friends cat used to live in a town but regularly catch unlikely prey such as seagulls and squirrels, pretty big prey for a cat.
Younger, less experienced rabbits are more likely to be caught, thats why rabbits have large litters and breed frequently.
Yes, they do. i have 4 cats and 3 of them regularly kill birds, rabbits and mice. It's worse though when they only 1/2 kill them
I suppose so, if the rabbit was small enough. When your cats brings you a dead animal they are very concerned about you, they want to make sure you have food because, as a human, you are so cumbersome and foolish you cannot hunt for yourself, LOL! Make sure you thank them with a treat :o)
cats kill young rabbits when they find a nest or
young rabbits just out on their own
they kill them and tear off theirs head and drop their carcasses off on your front step because they want more "lives for the master."
Hi some cats do kill rabbits i have a cat and he brings the baby rabbits home and kills the adult ones

i also seen 2 cats at the side of the road with a dead rabbit
as long as you keep them inside they won't get to the rabbits.