What food dose grey parrots eat?

Feeding your birds a nutritious diet provides longevity. A Bird that is on a healthy diet has the potential to heal itself, as well as prevent ailments. It is our decision on what we choose to feed our birds. A varied diet that is consistently fed and well-balanced is the key to optimum health!

It is beneficial to share healthy human foods with your birds. Birds are flock animals. They enjoy partaking in family activities. When eating dinner be sure you give your birds a small portion of your meal. Note: Never change your bird's diet if he/she is not healthy to begin with. It could be detrimental; see your Avian Veterinarian first. Also noting: I do not advocate a diet consisting *only* of pellets or seeds. Most foods should be fed in moderation.

Did You Know. Healthy Birds on a healthy diet can heal themselves in most situations.

Several years ago, we changed our flock's diet dramatically. Though months of research, we decided to take our birds off of pellets. (Please feel free to view the articles written by Alicia McWatters on our articles page.)

Starting with Alicia's Mash Recipe along with a few modifications I felt were necessary to incorporate into their diet (papaya, etc.). I also sprout seeds, beans and grains and offer birdie bread but converted to a healthier version (I use Hodgson Mills Corn Muffin Mix with Whole Wheat Flour). In the afternoon, my flock receives an all natural seed, nut and grain mix which is always available to them. In the evening they receive a warm meal..

Since the Mash Diet is frozen, I felt the freezing process compromised the nutritional content, therefore I switched to a fresher mix of food for my feathered companions. By serving my birds fresh fruits and vegetables along with sprouting and an all natural seed, grain and nut mix called Avian Naturals (Preservative free. Made with Organic & Human Grade Ingredients) I feel my flock is getting the best possible diet which is well rounded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Purchase only enough fresh vegetables and fruits to last a few days so that it is always fresh. Offering as much organic produce as possible. But sometimes that is not always as readily available as regular fruits and vegetables.

For optimal health, a large variety of of fresh fruits and vegetables is crucial. Think if you were to eat the same food day in and out, we all would get bored. Elaborating on the exact types of foods we offer our flock is stated later in this article. By giving your birds a variety of foods, will ensure they are getting the proper essential vitamins and minerals from these fresh foods. Preparing a batch of fresh fruits and vegetables every two days so that it is always fresh, changing the variety every time.

Did You Know. In some situations, diet plays a role in behavioral problems. Birds that lack certain vitamins & minerals in their diet can resort to biting, plucking, etc. When we think of humans who are nutritionally deficient they can suffer from depression, anxiety, etc. The same can apply with parrots but they will resort to different behavioral problems.

When Organic fruits and vegetables are not available; I will peel some of the fruits. Coring all of them. (Note: Certain fruits and vegetables have seeds that are toxic to parrots). Peels contain pesticides and should be disinfected with either Avicine or Citricidal. Organic produce is thoroughly washed.
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regular parrot food..you can buy it at any pet store.
Generally, parrots love sunflower seeds.
if you're on yahoo, which is the internet. go to google.com. type in african grey parrots and food. and read.
You can go to ask.com and get all the info you need for everything your parrot needs.
Jason you are talking a pretty expensive pet so feeding it is impoetant. African Greys eat a blend of high grade grains and seeds such as sunflower and raw uncooked peanuts. In most good blends you will also find dried fruit peices and vegetable pieces as well. Parrot breeders make fresh food up to keep their paired production birds at the peek of health. One I know cooks several types of beans and raw vegetable cuts are added to the mix as well as fruits and juices, fortified with calcium and vitamins specifically for parrots. Don't feed him all the things we eat or he will not live long or learn well. Clean fresh water is also very important! And please don't feed him your little fingers when hes' mad!
First thing NEVER FEED lots of sunflower seeds lol. Freaked on that answer. Sunflower seeds are addictive. If you give sunflower seeds the bird (no matter what kind) will only eat sunflower seeds and nothing else or will eat them first so you give them more and they will leave the real food sitting there resulting in getting sick.

anyhoo I will go get my birds food and will tell you what I feed my Gray..ZuPreem Avian Maintenance Natural Parrots & Conures. This I was told to get for my parrot before I got her. I no many people into critters as I am. This friend of mine who told me about this food has MANY parrots.

This is a pellet, with all the vitamins and such. I also feed mine oatmeal. Why oatmeal? Well it is something the breeder did and my parrot likes it so much I keep doing it. Also fresh fruit, vegetables.

Before you get your bird do a lot of reading etc. Get prepared before the bird comes, not after. Remember this bird will be with you and your family for (hopefully) a very long time.

Hope this helps..
For the most part you have been given good advice by most of the answers. I raised my African Grey from a young chick. He will eat most anything. Go to a GOOD bird food supplier. Go very easy on the sunflower seeds, they do become addicted and will shun other food in favor of sunflower seeds. My parrot (Popeye) loves mashed potatoes, oat meal (porridge), scrambled eggs (he's a cannibal lolol) and he even likes ice cream. Also give him a chicken leg bone from time to time. They love the gristle on the end joints and its good for their feathers and bone growth. Just dont tell him what he's eating. One important thing to rmember is that if you are going to sometimes give him human food from your plate, dont use salt, pepper, sugar or butter or any milk products. Have fun with him because he may well outlive you.
I have a few parrots. Besides seed they need friut, veges and can eat about anything. They all love a little Pasta and rice. They love Pizza. Somepeople give their parrots meat; I do not because they wouldn,t eat meat in the wild. Chocolate and avocado are toxic to them. They also love scrambled or hard boil eggs. They need teir food because of nutrion factors but believe me they can eat about everthing and I should"t forget nuts peanuts any kind.
In the wild they eat a lot of red palm nuts along with whatever seeds, nuts, fruits, etc that they can find.

In captivity they should be fed pellets, seed, nuts, and fruits and vegetables.
mine loves unseeded grapes, and raw broccoli, and not a cheap brand of food
Hi i have an African grey, he will eat anything and everything. please be aware that you can not give your grey avocado, it will kill him. I give my grey a seed based food, plus he has alot of fresh fruit and veg. for a treat he has custard creams and a few unsalted crisps. greys can get vit A deficiency which is not good. here are a few fruit and veg that i use for mine which are high in vit A. APRICOTS, BROCCOLI, CANTALOUPE, CARROTS, MANGO, NECTARINES, PAPAYA, PARSLEY, PEACHES.
You've gotten some really great answers so far to this question.

I've had my Yoya (a Congo African Grey) for 8 years now (as a matter of fact he is over there now going.beep beep.), and feed him a primary diet of Pretty Bird African Grey Special..for the extra calcium he needs, and other fresh fruits and veggies.

I have to say he prefers fruits to most veggies tho. He is also addicted to peanut butter filled pretzels, of which he is allowed 3 per day (they are small) only if he eats his pellets. If I find he has not been eating his pellets, I tell him the next morning, eat these pellets or no peanut butter tomorrow. When I get home from work the pellets have been eaten. He will even make a big show of eating them in front of me just to make sure I notice.

He also likes: apples, blueberries, raspberries, chicken wings, jalapeno peppers, scones, and most other people food including spaghetti. People food should only be given as a treat, and the same rules apply to them as to us, junk food bad!! Just like humans, birds should eat junk food in moderation.

The only foods you really can't give him are: chocolate, rhubarb and avacado.

Hope this helps.

I have to say having an African Grey in my live has been a very rewarding experience. But that said, they do require a lot of work and attention. They are very intelligent and loving birds. Its like having a 2 year old child for the rest of your life. They can live a very long time. Please be prepared to make a life-time commitment before getting one.
sunflower seed, fruit, bread, biscuit, rusk.

They also like chips every now and then and the odd crisp. Just as a treat.
I can tell you what not to give them. Never give avocado or cucumber. If you want to give bread, make sure it's toast. Also don't give fruit with the pit still in it, because they are not allowed to eat the pit. Some people say you can give egg and banana, but rather save than sorry. Basically they can eat everything else. They love chicken bones and pasta.
well thats easy i have one my self. sunflower seeds not to many though as they are very fatty/ dried bannana/apple/grapes/ they also like a nice peice of willo tree dont just go out and get it of a tree though go to a pet store and ask in there. monkey nuts/ to make it easy just bye a bag of parrot mix thats whot i give mine aswell as abouve and i have hade mine for 8 years.
This food comes highly recommended: