Is there really such a thing as a "devil dog?"?

The association of dogs and devils is long rooted in many folklores.

One of the most common associations stems from the classical world with Cerberus, the three-headed hound of Hades. He guarded the gate to Hades (the Greek underworld) and ensured that the dead could not leave and the living could not enter.

Wolves as well, with their nighttime activities and howling, the legends of the "werewolf", half man, half dog, all lend themselves to the evil that lies within dogs.

The impact of rabies in medieval times can also be attributed to the perception of dogs out of control.

The US Marine Corps adopted the nickname Devil Dogs (Teufelshunds) after action in WW1, apparently after the Germans were shocked at their ferocity.

Even in modern day society, the demonisation of certain breeds, such as rottweilers and bull terriers, continues this perception of "bad" dogs that are out to terrorise humans.

In reality, any voilence within dogs can normally be attributed to human failings or ignorance rather than any "devil" within dogs themselves.
Wasnt devil dog a term used for a dog that had Rabies ? I think in the later stanges when a dog was deranged it was deemed to be a devill dog because of its behaviour and foaming at the mouth.
no.just stupid owners
yeah i just submited a movie on my channel yahoo that answers that very question
No but my ex girlfriend is a devil ***** who left me for a richer bloke!
i don't think so just dangerous dogs bred for there aggression most druggies have one where i live nasty things and the dogs are not nice either
I thought it might have referred to the tasmanian devil animal on new zealand islands or was it madagascar? Or the dingo wild dogs in australia not sure.
Yes. They are also known as U.S. Marines. That was a nickname given them by the German Army in World War I.
There are dogs born with mentall illnesses, just as in humans..
Devil owners I think, although the rotweillers and things really don't need to be bred.
pitbulls our devil dogs
no such thing as devil dogs,just devil owners!!
If you are the superstitious type,i guess so.
Not really. I think they were a group of the Marines, they used Devil Dog as their nickname. The marines use the bulldog as their mascot. The Schipperke is known as a Devil Dog too. They are small, smart, solid black and a bit devilish and part angelic! Ha ha ha. I show and raise them, so I know about the devil dog Schipperke.
Camilla Parker Bowles
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The Tabloid press coined this headline after a Rottweiller attack; the dogs in the Omen film that protected the antichrist were Rottweillers. The name has stuck.
There is the tazmanian devil maybe thats it they are scary and dingos they are evil too but as for staffs they are the most loveable dogs around beautys so gentle its all these idiots that make them aggresive there is good n bad in every living thing!!but stay in the light .the good..
No, but a poorly trained one can seem like the devil!
Don't be silly dear.
a mean dog is what it means and yes my dog is a delvil dog
I believe so. I work in a pet store once and always like to take the dogs out and let them run around before opening the store. We got a Rott in that was only like 7 weeks old and I could not take him out. He was mean from the day we got him. He would bite you if you got close to him. He was the cutest little fella and I wanted to play with him so bad, but couldn't. We never had another dog that mean the whole 2 years I was there. I don't know if the breeder we got him from abused him or what, but he was not friendly. I have a feeling the breeder was bad and I don't think we ordered from him again, but I do think it is the owners that make dogs evil.