What's bigger - a wasp or a bee?

A bee is bigger definitely and stings only once before it dies so its a bigger sting. A wasp is smaller but can keep stinging without dying.
depends how fat they r really
A big wasp is bigger than a small bee.
The sting of a wasp makes it much bigger!
usually a wasp is bigger but they are few bees that are bigger than a wasp.
A Bee BUZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
wasp and can sting you more times without dying
A wasp. Go in Japan to see the biggest one.(almost 10 cm - 4 inch)
well, thousands of different varieties. In south africa, their wasps are bigger than ours in the uk. A honey bee being smaller than a wasp, but a bumble bee being larger than a wasp.

Wood wasps are small and european hornets are massive
A Wasp is bigger.
A bee is much larger.
A Bumble bee is bigger than a wasp but a working honey bee is smaller
I would say a BEE wow i have seen some big big ones. Wasps are small with a big STING boy they hurt
a wasp much bigger but the bee more poison
Wasps are bigger than a regular honey bee. And they can sting multiple times whereas a bee can sting only once.

Bumble bees are bigger than wasps and can sting multiple times (this is because they do not have the barbed stingers like the honey bee).

Never get stung by a wasp - they are mean suckers and will continue to try to attack you.
Bees are BIGGER!
A wasp called Scolia Procer
It actually depends on what type of wasp.a lot are very small. If you're talking about the normal Mud Dauber type.then the wasp is.
The wasps I've seen are considerably larger than a honey bee. Some bumblebees are quite large though, and by weight I'll bet they're heavier than a wasp. Having been stung by both wasps and bees, I find the wasp sting more painful.
A bee is fatter
Bombus Hortorum or Bumble Bee is bigger than a wasp!
Apis Dorsata or Giant Honeybee also bigger than UK wasps.

Have you considered the Hornet in your size comparison
The Cicada wasp which is pretty nasty can grow to 2 inches long and also the pottery wasp which can happily take out a large spider can grow up
The Giant Wasp "Scolia procer" can grow to 3 inches in length and have a 4 inch wingspan. They can happily wipe out a bees nest no problem

The Megachile pluto female bee has a wingspan of 63 mm (2 1/2 inches)! Her massive head is 13 mm (1/2 inch) wide and she has enormous pointy jaws. The species is a variety of resin bee
and can be found in australia
Usually a wasp is bigger than a bee.usually, but remember that there are many species (subspecies?) of both and that might determine size differeneces btwn the two.
a bumble bee is often bigger than your average wasp, but if they sting you they will die, whereas a wasp wont die
Bees are generally bigger than wasps since wasps are faster.
However, Wasps can be bigger when the Queen is involved.

P.S: Hornets are bigger than both of them!!