Why do rabbits scratch the bottom of their hutches and pens continuously?

rabbits like to try to eat the soft roots of grass and the like so they do this by scratching at the ground, if they live in a hutch with a wooden floor then they are unable to get the grass roots, but as it is an inherited instinct they will keep on trying,
as mentioned in other answers it also helps to keep their claws short.
if you see a rabbit when it is out in a run with grass under its feet it will scratch at the grass to dig what is called a scrape so that it can lay out on the cool ground that is just below the surface,
my rabbits have been doing this for several years and do not seem to want to dig their way out of their run, they kniow when they are on to a good thing as they are getting fed and watered without having to expend any serious effort..
They're trying to escape to a better life
Rabbits are diggers. It's their instinct to dig.
I don't know why but they like to do it alot at night
I would assume that as they are naturally burrowing animals that this is what they are trying to do, it's instinct, they need to have access to a decent sized run in the garden to keep them happy.
it could b you need to check there nails you can buy special stuff for it or could b bunny just making his/her bed lol
Their natural instinct is to dig burrows. I guess thats why its scratching, also to sharpen their claws I suppose.
rabbits do this for two reasons ,1 they are natural diggers that live underground (warrens) 2,they dig to keep there claws(nails)sharp and short ,if it was mites or allergies they would nibble their fur off ..they also nibble fur off when the male has a phantom pregnancy and use fur to build a bedding for a nest
They are board. wouldn't you be if you were stuck in a pen all your life. Try staying in the laundry room with the door closed until someone brings you a sandwich. Do it all day long by yourself and that will show you how your rabbit feels.
they've got to do something when there not making more rabbits
Have you ever tried to give a rabbit a manicure/pedicure?
Rabbits including all animals on earth live freely, If you cage them, justifiably they want to get out hence scratching. So free it in a safe field .
Rabbits are natural diggers and feel more safe when in a burrow.
Its probably bored!
Give it things to do and eat make sure the cage is big enough buy best of all let it out!
In the wild a rabbit wouldnt be stuck in a hutch this is like being trapped and likley to get cought by a preditor. It natural for them to be wandering around grazing.
its natural for them to dig and scratch , reasons are they are shortening their claws and its their instinct , nothing to worry about if they didn't you would have a vets bill for trimming their claws , .
try hiding their food and top tip for summer is to freeze bottles of water and put in their hutch , they will lie by them to keep cool , iknow you didn't ask about that one but just being help full .
nature of rabbits :)
cause its more polite than scratching their arses
Their nails like their teeth are continually growing. It could also be that your rabbit is bored. You should really bring it indoors. Domestic rabbits were meant to be companion animals. You can litter box train them and if you get it fixed it will help with the smell.
They usually just dig at their surrounds because they are curious critters.