Can i get help to have my dog neutered?

I live in the uk and i am recieving benefits, is there any financial help for me to get my male terrier neutered?
Call the city and get a list of all low cost or free spays or neuters in your area.
Speak to a Vet
ask a vet or the RSPCA
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The pdsa (peoples dispensary for sick animals) will help.
If you can't afford to own a pet, DON'T.
Phone your local PDSA or RSPCA. If you can prove benefits, you should be able to get him done for free. And leave a small donation if you can as it's polite!!
yes u can. ring your local R.S.P.C.A they will pick your dog up and bring him or her back for a small cost. well, cheeper then the vet. had 3 dogs done by them. they use very good vets. the size of the dog will depend on the cost. bigger the dog more it costs. £80 at the most for a rotty.
Dogs trust will also do it quite cheap

can you afford this dog. if it gets ill or hit by a car can you afford treatment? i have seen too many dogs (some only puppies) that could have been treated and lived for longer if their owner could have afforded treatment.

i strongly advise you to insure your dog though on benefits you may not be able to afford that either

it is not fair on your dog if you can't afford what it needs

you may be able to qualify for free treatment by the PDSA if you meet their criteria and live in the right place
Hi,in google type in Dogs Trust do not be out off by there advert has its mainly for money,I know they encourage people to have there pets neutered im pretty certain you will get it done free there is also the R.S.P.C.A & P.D.S.A. they all do it for a donation. You are being very responible.Goodluck
pdsa will not neuter dogs, even if on benefits for free, but will recommend a vet for you, dont use them when you have to pay, very expensive, personal experience, they charge over the odds to help get back some money to cover the costs for free visits, but most towns have Pet Vacination Centres, look in yellow pages they seem to be the cheapest, about 50 i believe
Hi Scott
Sure you can. All you need to do it to ring the dogs trust and they will tell you when the next available truck will be near you locally. It cost me £10.00 to get my Westie spayed and chipping is free, for real i am not joking you.
All you have to do is phone your local PDSA or go in there a nd give them proof of housing benefit and/or council tax benefit they will then only charge you a small donation for treatments and a small percentage of vaccinations and flea treatments etc, I do this because im on benefits and balls to anyone who says DONT OWN PETS IF YOU CANT AFFORD! thats what the pdsa/rspca was set up for duh!
The PDSA don't do neutering or vaccinations.
In many cities there are schemes for low cost neutering, you need to ask a vet and local RSPCA, and check out the local press.
Some people REALLY PlSS ME OFF on this site!

You ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING getting your dog neutered. You obviously love your dog and want what's best for him. These people don't fully know your circumstances but choose to criticise anyway.

(Yes, I've criticised people on here in the past too, but I have at least given consideration first, wish more people would do that too.)

The PDSA was set up for people who have pets but not much money. Speak to them, or to Dogs Trust or RSPCA. I've never been in your situation so can't give any advice better than to contact them.

You don't say whereabouts in the uk you are, but look in the phone book, hopefully there'll be a PDSA/Dogs Trust or other neutering facility near you.

Good luck.
possibly. Try asking the RSPCA, or depending on where you live, spaywatch or the blue cross or PDSA may help. You have to provide proof of being on benefits.Different parts of the country have different schemes.
your local p.d.s.a will help you neuter your pet
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yes pdsa do it and rspca good luck that is guareenteed the do it
talk to your local vet or animal shelter. I used to volunteer for a cat shelter and the vet spayed/ neutered all the cats for free b/c we were trying to cut down the repopluation problem. so in most cases shelters want owners to spay/neuter their pets and if you tell them your situation they may be willing to help for free :)
good luck and thank you for being a responsible pet owner :)
if you are on benefits then you will be able to get this done free of charge, these ops cost a small fortune, so please think about the cost when you go back to get your dog from the vet after the small opp, a small donation is always more than welcomed x