Jack russell bite!!?

Your puppy is only 12 or 13 weeks old..so its time to really become the leader of his family..
To introduce an element of "natural discipline", grasp the recalcitrant pup with one hand, place your other hand over the top of his muzzle, gently pressing his muzzle towards his chest as you say, in a low, growly tone of voice, "No BITE". If they begin to throw a tantrum and thrash around trying to bite, just hold the line until they "give in" and "say uncle" (quit resisting). You should not find it necessary to get aggressive with a young puppy. Simple restraint is usually enough to get the message across.
never hit him on his nose..NEVER
Castrate him.
and yet your typing skills have not failed you, amazing!!
Get a back bone and correct him for once. HES A PUPPY, that is the way puppys play. Just take the dog back, or find someone else to take him cause you got the dog without any clue on how to take one.

Hes a 4 month old puppy he "ISNT" going to listen to you because he is a DOG. You have to make the rules, be the alpha of the pack. I dont mean pain here, but there is alot of ways. If you must keep the dog around (Which, god knows why would you would) run and get some pet books asap.

You obviously had no idea what you was getting into with getting a jack russell. They are fiesty little dogs, most during their puppy days.

Get an old cat or something that will just lay on your lap, it will suit you better (Im not being mean, im being honest). Those jack russells are full of energy and love to play. He isnt "attacking" you hes playing as all puppys do. They have extremely sharp teeth (All puppies do) so you have to be careful.

Seriously just find a new owner for the dog. You clearly had "No" clue what you was getting.
You need to show him who is boss. At the moment he believes that he is the pack leader.

Make sure that he eats AFTER you eat, make him sit before he gets his meal.

Talk sternly to him and if he doesn't listen, ignore him. Dogs hate being ignored.

BUT..make sure you reward good behaviour. When he does as he is told, reward him with a fuss and a treat.

If all else fails, you would benefit from a dog trainer, training classes or perhaps a dog shrink.

He is only 4 months though.
ummm.... puupy training class. if that doesn't work try getting rid of him. nobody wants a dog who bites. the best thing i know if though is when he bites take his mouth squeeze it together until he yelps or cries (sounds mean but it works) and very harshly say NO BITE! BAD DOG! NO BITE! you get the point then let his mouth go. but look him straight in the eyes whie holding his mouth closed so he knows you are the boss. do this everytime and maybe still try training class. hope this helps.
roll up newspaper and hit him lightly on the
nose I have one but anyway it hurts
Have you tried a kenal? That is how i trained my dog. when she did something wrong i would take her and put her in the kenal . kinda like jail. she would have to stay there for about two hours, no pain it just hurt her feelings and now all i have to do is point to it and she knows to stop. hope that will help you.
He is probably teething. There are things you can apply to your skin that will discourage this sort of thing, ask at a pet shop. When he bites Loudly say NO BITE!! then put him somewhere by himself for an hr. Repeat this as often as nescessary.
JRT's can be difficult dogs. I suggest, as others have, that you seek out a good dog trainer. There are lots of not so good ones, so sit in on a class before you sign up.

It is important to "nip this behavior" in the bud. Dogs do explore the world with their mouths, however, the puppy needs to learn bite inhibition. Find someone who can help you, in person. Don't rely on information you get from here.
Bite him on his hairy little hyper A**.that'll teach him.then kiss and make up (: (:
You have one of the most high energy level dogs available. Look into schools for you and him. You don't have to say NO BITE, you just have to make a sound that you will use the rest of his life that means that he's not behaving. SShh, Aagh, Ssst; pull up on his collar that should be around the top portion of the neck. This boy needs exercise several times a day. 2 times a day you need to go for a 45 minute minimum walk. Redirect his biting with some chew toy he likes. Never "play" with him with your hands. You lead him where you want to go, he follows your rules, he will be a very good friend.
I have a jack russell as well and when he was a puppy he did the same thing. I used this method to stop him biting me and other people. After the first bite he would get a warning and then if he kept biting, I'd put his muzzle on him. He soon got the message that if he's going to bite, he's going to have to wear a muzzle which he hates. Give it a try, you can find a muzzle at most good pet stores or vet clinics.
get rid,he sounds nasty.we have a 7yr old male jack,he was great untill our baby arrived she is now 5yrs and she still can't go near him.thats jealousy
get some really hot pepper sauce and rub it on your hands.he will soon stop biting you and chew his toys instead x
He's Play-Biting and It's NORMAL. When he play bites you.shout 'Ouch' and pull hand away and give him a toy to bite on instead. You must get on top of this, Jack Russels are well known for being nippers and do like to fight, you could be in big trouble if a child got bitten because you have not trained him properly. Crate training is a good idea (like sending a child to its room to calm down and think about things) and Puppy Training Classes are a must for you as you will both benefit tremendously. See if you local vet runs 'Puppy Socialisation Classes' these are great if you can find one.

Good Luck
Hold him by the collar and give him a smack with a rolled up newspaper hard enough for him to realise quite quickly that you are the boss, then after a bit when he misbehaves all you will have to do is shake the paper at him and he will obey.
bite the pointless little sh1t back ! i mean come on what is a jack russel good for other than yapping and nipping ? send him to me and i will sort him out for u !
Hiya redpunk
I have had Jackrussells all my life, if at 4 months he is biting you that is wrong, yes he is going barmy with teething, but it is NO excuse to be biting you, you are gonna have to get strong and discipline him, when he lunges at you again get him by the scruff (thick part of his neck) and pin him to the floor and say NO, he might try to bite you, hold him until he submits, then let him go, call in a good boy, stoke him, then walk away, dont carry on with him just walk away, you have to be firm with him, it might hurt you more than hurt him but you have to do this, he could
turn out to be a nasty little Russell if not dealt with they are Very strong willed dogs. But please dont use this procedure for other training this is just for Very bad behaviour... :-)
he should grow out of it eventually! My jack russel was exactly the same.
Try water spraying him every time he bites you my dog has learnt by doing this.
I also have a JRT it sounds as if he seems to think that it's a game and he may have started thinking that he's the leader. If you ask your vet for advice, he may give you the name of a local dog trainer, take advice from the vet, as they do have experience of many breeds and their temperaments.
Lots of luck. Don't wait until it gets worse!
Try whacking it with a rolled up newspaper untill it learns who's boss.
Talk about putting Rotties on dangerous dog reg.This goes to prove that ALL dogs can be vicious and bite. Train the thing properly then it wont bite.He wont listen unless you make him hes a puppy.Duh!!!!!!!!!!!.