Can dogs take paracetamol?

Would it poison them in anyway? Mine hasn't eaten one or anything so don't say "Quick take him to a vet".
Human medicines should not be given to dogs.

It sounds as if he probably hasn't, but if you suspect that your dog MIGHT have had a pill, keep a close eye on him and if you have any doubts, phone your vet immediately.
No, you shouldn't give dogs human medicine, the doses are different and they could make him ill, the vet will prescribe him.
no he cant have it.

only give him what the vet personally perscribes your dog only.

not even what was given to another dog should be shared

good luck
why do you want to know is you dog ill .....NO dogs cant take paracetamol its made for humans ..go ask the vet !!!!!!!
Then why ask? I do hope you are not thinking about killing off next doors noisy pooch!
Dogs (particularly small dogs) are also susceptible to significant tissue damage from as little as two regular strength Panadol or Paracetamol and repeated doses increase the risk significantly. Signs develop quickly and can include salivation, vomiting, weakness and abdominal pain. Due to the significant toxicity to pets in relatively minimal dosages, the recommendation is clear - Panadol, Paracetamol or any Analgesics should not be given to dogs or cats. Other,safer, drugs are available for pain relief; talk to your veterinarian about your own pet's specific needs.
This is from a great site about pet's and human medicines>
Animal medicines have the same contents as human ones, but the doses are different. why do you want to give it paracetamol anyway?
I would not advise giving medicine designed for humans to a dog if your dog has problems which need medication you should seek advice of a vet
Dogs apparently get headaches as the same as humans and if your dog sits in a corner and is very quiet and not moving .he or she willsome times put thier paws over thier heads.....or shake thier heads or moan some will have ear infections very common in dogs ,,,,,,,,,,,yes you can give them one half of a parecetomol
Chetco has the right answer, in this case its not the fact that its a human medicine thats the problem; but that paracetamol is toxic to dogs.
how old is dog ? ... how much dose he/she weigh, what do you want to give them parra's for ?(pain, aches)
But really i wouldent give an animal parra's without a vets advice, it can damage the kidneys plus other internal organs.
no i don't think so , that is human's tablets
I would say it's not a wise thing to do. Would you take animal medicine?

(and I'm sorry, but I sneezed and clicked on a bad rating for your question. I didn't mean it.)
You shouldnt give animails human medicine, the dog might go pysco and think its a budgie or die
Hi my dog ate about 20 paracetamol when she was a pup, she went blue in the mouth and limp, how she got hold of them i dont know, but we had to have emergency treatment, her stomach had to be pumped and she was ventilated for a day and a half. we are very lucky she lived, she has dammaged her kidneys, and will never be able to have pups, shes a staff but she is very small,cause she stumped her growth.It cost us £2.000 luckly we hads insurence.
Dont know if its a good idea or not but my mom used to give her old dog half a paracetamol several times a day as his back legs went and he was in considerable distress.Mom would never harm her pets as she devoted herself to them so it must have been okay in the small doses she administered,and it definately worked for the dog as you could see an improvement afterwards
NO thy are poisonous to dogs and to cats too I would give aspirin, which is often given for rheumatic conditions in dogs and is considered safe for them (but not for cats - it is poison to cats). Dosage has to be carefully controlled of course, and a vet will advise. In the UK veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe human medicines for animals unless there is no animal equivalent. My friends dog needed painkillers for arthritis, and the stuff for dogs was very expensive. The veterinarian said to me "I'm not allowed to give you the stuff, but I can't stop you doing it yourself. Give him half an aspirin with his meal." (He was a big dog). It worked just as well as the proper dog stuff, was 100 times cheaper and easier to give as well.
Doubt it, i seen doggy asprin the other day.
Thought it was real funny
No dogs cannot take Paracetamol. Poisoning with paracetamol is not uncommon because owners frequently administer drugs that they have available for themselves to their pets.
In dogs, it can result in liver and kidney failure. Alway's remember,never administer human medicine to your pet. You could be responsible for his/her death. Good for you for asking!!
''I found a broken one on the floor yesterday but he's ok.''

You don't know if he ingested it,though.I would take him to the vet.What is a check up going to hurt anyway.I would rather be safe than sorry.