Is it an offense to run down an animal and not stop?

It depends on the animal, but if you had a heart you would stop and tend to the poor thing
a dog yes but a cat no
Yes for a dog, no for wild animals
not if its scottish.
It depends what sort of road you are driving on.
its an offence stopping for an animal as you put people behind you at risk..
only if you reverse to make sure!
Only if it's an endangered species or a dog. Cat's and other small creatures, no.
If it is, it shouldn't be. The damn things should not have been there in the first place.
Legally, some species are protected - dogs yes, cats and foxes no, badgers yes.

Morally? - yup right across the board - absolutely. The poor creature may only be injured and could survive with help, rather than face a long and painful death
Hard one to answer. On one hand, yes if it's someone's pet. On the other hand, alot of wild animals end up road kill which is sad. I try to stop, I don't believe I've ever actually hit an animal. My biggest fear is hitting a deer.
UH YEAHHHHHHH how would you like it?
I don't know but it should be.
only for a dog but i would hope most people would stop for any animal
Now what do YOU think, moron?
If it is a pet, yes.
I live in the country and if we stopped every time we hit a badger, hedgehog, pheasant etc we'd never get anywhere. I swear all badgers are suicidal!

I think it's common decency though to stop if it looks like a pet and there are homes nearby.
If its a dog yes, you have to report it to the police, if its a cat no.
If you run a dog over you are obligated to report it, but not for cats or any other wild animal.
Yes it is. Just because they are animals do not mean they can be treated just like that. There is such a thing as animal rights. I think it is not an offense if it's for self defense.
havent got a clue, animals should not be running around on roads anyway
Since Dogs are no longer licensed it would be wise to make sure body is moved off road so other vehicles dont hit it & common decency if it is a pet with i.d on it to let the owner know
All you had to do was STOP and make sure it was DEAD. What if it was just injured and you have drove away. poor thing
In England I believe that you have to contact the police if you hit a dog or a farm animal such as a pig, sheep, goat etc. Cats are exempt, as they are not regarded as animals that can be kept under control, e.g. locked in or on a lead.
It depends from country to country.

Most countries requires you to do whatever you can to avoid running and animal down. It is however not automatically a crime to run an animal down, and generally you will only be prosecuted if it can be proven that you
a) Did it deliberately
b) Did nothing to avoid it.

You are not expected to put yourself or anyone else at risk to try and save an animal.
Legally you only have to stop for a dog but not a cat. Morally - you have to think that any animal could be a childs cherished pet and how awful if they come out looking to find it in the road. Much nicer if you've hit a cat and its alive to try and take it to the nearest vet - it costs nothing and could save much heartache for the owner. If its already dead it would still be nice if you took it to a vet as they can scan for microchips etc and inform the owner.
Would that be an English animal or american?
The only domesticated animal you have to stop for is dogs.
You also have to stop if it is a horse, cattle or sheep.
Any wild animal you do not have to stop, but if you do and the animal is dead you can not take it with you.

If you hit anything bigger than sheep, you will probably have done serious damage to your vehicle so you would have to stop anyway.
If this is a serious question..

Well legally.. each US state has its own laws about this.

Some yes you must stop others no

Morally however.. YES you should stop.. make sure what you hit is dead and if not get it help or call someody who can like an officer or animal rescue.

Its just the right thing to do.
I can not tell you how many animals our family has stopped to help that others have hit and left for dead. suffering.

Some do not live but many do.

Whether you are an animal or wildlife lover or not. no animal deserves tolay there suffering. not even a cat.

Having said all that.
NEVER approach an injured animal, not even a dog .. injured animals are often afraid and will often bite. best thing to do if you are not trained in this.. is to call police or your local SPCA or local wildlife rescues.

You should know that is MANY states you are requied to report hitting of wildlife and if what you hit damages your car like a deer. and you are going to file an insurance claim you will need to do a report with an officer preferrably at t he scene.

You know if you asked this question because you hit something.. you have to simply decide what you want to do.. what makes you ok . and of course follow the local laws.

Everyone out here can tell you what they would do.
For our family,..we stop not only if we hit something but if anyone else does as well,,,but its what we do

Good Luck...
It is an offence not to brake for, or to run over, any licenced animal. It used to be the same for dogs but now we don't have to buy licences for dogs in UK it isn't an offence, but it would be inhuman! It's the breeders/boarding kennels/zoos/slaughter houses (sorry, gruesome but true) who have to have a licence, not domestic animals.
Assuming you're in the UK - it's only an offence to deliberatley run-down an animal unless you had no other choice.

If you hit a dog or livestock (eg deer, sheep, cow, horse etc) then you should report it to the Old Bill as soon as you can.
If it's a cat, then good. Jump out the car and whack the fu cker round the head with a wheelbrace. (Just to make sure it's out of it's misery of course!)
depending which state you live should always stop making sure the animal is not left to die on the road..i live on a ranch and was brought up respecting animals yes i break and i stop ive even went in a ditch to avoid a doe and her fawn.some one said animals dont belong on the road but rember man made roads threw there homes.