People say a swan can break a mans arm with its wing, where's the proof?

Does anybody actually know anyone who's had their arm broken by a swan? Or is it just bullsh*t?
The proof will be found in your Hospital X-ray Laboratory!

Seriously though, yes they can! My mum worked for Swan Lifeline In Eton, Windsor, England and volunteers rescue sick/injured swans from all over the South of England. I read in the Accident book that in 3 years 2 staff had received broken Arms from Swans that they were rescuing.and they didnt get them by falling out the boat!
I heard it was their beak not their wing.
i heard it was a dogs leg
I never heard it at all and don't believe it now that I have heard it.
Swans probably do have the capacity to break a mans arm (or a dogs leg) with a wing, however I suspect that such reports are rare. Perhaps an incident occured years and years ago where a man had his arm broken by a swan. The question is how did he get himself into that situation in the first place? Also did the swan suffer any injuries as a result. Swans are extremely territorial, especially during breeding season when they will take on anything that encroaches to close to its nest/cygnets. The chances of a person having their arm broken by a swan is probably very slim if you have the sense to stay well away from its nest and young. My guess is a good flap of the wings would be enough to snap a mans arm if the man is trying to restrain the swan, but hasn't secured the wings, but it might cost the swan a broken wing in the process. Or perhaps if he is protecting his face with an arm there would be a good chance that his arm would be vulnerable to the force of flapping wings. There is always two sides to a story, and I believe that have your arm broken by a swan is unlikely (unless you are stupid) but not impossible (but it might injure the swan as well). And no, I do not know of any individual who has had an arm broken by a swan, but I have seen a swan blind a goose.
I don't know about breaking a bone, but I do know this.
Swans, particularly male swans, have extremely powerful wings. Almost like a club. They can knock out a full grown man, but I dunno about a bone, like I said before. I doubt that though, because the bones of an average person are extremely strong. They'd have to be.
i would put my arm up and plead guilty but haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it still hurts
Anything is 'technically' possible but from a physics point of view the swans wing is weaker than a man's arm due mainly to the fact that a birds bones are honeycombed for weight reduction and susceptible to stress fractures whereas a human bone is much more solid and also supported by very strong ligaments and muscles. Having said all of that if the swan's wing was at 'full speed flap', (for want of a better word), and it struck at the right angle the fracture is perfectly possible.
Those large aquatic birds have a natural ability in the field of martial arts. Have you never heard of Jackie Swan?.
I got some proof for you baby. I used to work on a farm that raised geese<very close to swans..just a little smaller> and one day I had to collect some of them for I was takeing one under my arm to the barn her wing slipped from my grasp and knocked me in the wrist. She broke my wrist with one thrust of that wing. Hows that for proof? Memo to all Geese are satan with wings.
ive had a nice old bruise from a bite from a swan so i wouldnt like ti find out