Can you induce a pregnant cat?

my cat is pregnant and i am wondering if there is any way to induce her so that i can be around incase she experiences any problems giving birth
hiya Im a veterinary nurse and currently am fostering a preg cat for the rspca.
She is due any day now but We house them in large kittening pens, so they have enough room for a bed, litter tray ect but also so room to move around in.
I find this the best place to keep them for the last few weeks of their pregnancy because they feel safer in a confined space and we can also keep a close eye on them incase they experience any probs.
Most cats just get on with it and will need no assistace. Just check on her once or twice to make sure she is chewing adequtely through the umbilical cord and clearing the membranes from their mouth and noses.
Please mail me if you require anymore advice.
good luck!
why would you want to. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. THATS NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
You should consult your veterinarian about this. If you cat needs observation while giving birth, a vet's office would be the best place if you are expecting problems.
take her to the vet, you wouldnt like anyone un qualified interfering with you whilst pregnant
I don't know if you can do it, but I wouldn't worry. I can remember when my cat gave birth, I just happened to be there. it was quite amazing to watch, and I tried to help by getting a basket for her, but really, she did everything herself. No-one needed to encourage or teach her those things, she just knew.

If you're really worriedI would ask your vet about it for reassurance, but it almost seems pointless to bother too much about it. Cats are tough. Probably you'll just come back, and she'll have had them, and it'll be fine. Show your respect, not by unnecessary meds, but by leaving her to do her stuff.
Definitely speak to a vet about this.
Most times when a cat is induced the babies aren't developed completely and you lose the kittens. Human babies have 9 months inside the womb to develop, but kitten babies only have 9 weeks. Each and every day counts for them!! It would be healthier for the babies if you did not induce the mother!
That doesn't sound like a very good idea. I think it could be dangerous to the animal if you didn't know what you were doing.
This is the worst thing you could even think of doing. Animals give birth when their babies are ready, not before. You could kill both your cat and her kittens by attempting to do this.
You should ask her veterinarian.