How long is a german shepherd pregnant for?and how many pups (average)?

The gestation period for all breeds of dogs is 63 days. But, they can come early or late by a few days. Average w/ a healthy mature Shepherd is around 6-9, but there can be more or less.
Make sure she gets good Vet care during this period and great food. She most likely will need a calcium supplement AFTER the puppies are born. Nursing puppies deplete calcium quickly.
Read all you can on the subject and ask you Vet for advice. If you want to know for certain how many puppies she has you can have an ultra-sound. Ask your Vet about that as well.
Good luck and enjoy the puppies. Make sure they all get great homes!
I think they are pregnant for at least 6 weeks or 12.I think they will give 6 puppies or more or less.It depends.
A dog is pregnant for 58-68 days, usually around 63 days is the norm. A large dog can have as many as 8-10 pups.
4 monthes and about 5 babbys
about two- three months and one or two is about average
They are pregnant for like 4 months avg and if it is the first set of pups she might ahve more like 7-10 pups. Now if she has a larger litter some might end up being runts, but you should get a decent amount.
62 to 68 days from the time she has been breed and between 6 to 8 puppies.
The gestation period of a german shepherd is aproximately 63 days. On an average, their litter size is about 9 pups, though this all depends upon the dog.
at the most 63 days and she can have from 2 to possibly 12 puppies
The average for dogs is 62-64 days from ovulation. So, about 9 weeks. Litter size depends on a lot of factors. Many shepherds have larger litters (9-12), but smaller shepherds are more like 6-9. Dad's got some effect, too. When she goes to the vet for her next appointment (she should be going frequently, since she's pregnant), ask your vet how many he/she is expecting her to have. If you have x-rays taken, the films will give you a very good idea. Fairly well-developed fetuses will show up on x-ray as skulls and spines.
usually 12 to 14 weeks an average of 6 pups.
52 days and if all goes well you can expect 6 or 7 healthy puppies, good luck
All dogs are pregnant for approx 63 days. I suggest that you read up on breeding and whelping prior to the pups being born as you have asked very basic questions that most breeders know before even considering breeding. Remember that it is vital that you have your b1tch hipscored, elbowscored and eyetested (and make sure that the male you use has been haemophilla tested) prior to breeding to avoid being sued by the future owners if a defect occurs in one of the pups.
Gestation period (mean) 60.4 days

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A germen sheperd is mostly pregent mostly for 3 months. The dog might lay 4 to 9 dogs. But im not sure cuz it depends
about 9 weeks. 63 days. Can vary. A healthy litter can contain between five and 9(tops) puppies. You can tell how many pups the dog will have by getting an ultrasound done at the vets. If the dog has a large litter, over seven, you may have to help her feed her pups by topping up their milk with a formula called lactol. Ensure the pregnant dog is given a diet of puppy food and adult while she is raising the pups to ensure the pups and their mum get all the nutrients they need.
I've been reading through your answers and a lot of them are WRONG (or just stupid).

The gestation period for any breed of dog is 63 days - that is nine weeks exactly from when she was mated to the date you can expect her to give birth. The pups can be born a couple of days either side of the due date.

The German Shepherd Dog can have a fairly large litter of up to say twelve pups but she could also have only two or three. I would guess that the average is about eight.

If the German Shepherd is yours and this is the first time that you have bred a litter I think you might be better off getting a book about dogs which includes some information on what to expect when she gives birth and how to look after the pups.

You should also talk to your Vet about any problems - the Vet Nurses are often happy to give advice.

Unfortunately when you ask a serious question here you don't really know whether the people who are giving advice are qualified to do so. As I said some of the answers to your question are definitely wrong.
They are pregnant for about 63 days and for how many she will have it depends on the female. If you have to ask this question why are you breeding dogs.
I agree with jrw
Hi i breed german shepherds and a gsd is pregnant for 9 weeks they have an average of 8 to 16 pups

i have had a litter of 9 pups and a litter of 6 so it varies a lot lol
4 months possibly 3-4 or maybe more