What do you do when Boston Terriers are born with tails?

chop them off
All of them are born with tails. You've got to get their tails "clipped."
They are born with tails, you have them amputated.
All Boston Terriers are born with tails - as are Dobermans. They have to be "stubbed" by a vet.
Dock them,of course. BEFORE they're 5 days old.

DON'T listen to peta-freaks/AR-buttheads,btw. Docking is NO BIG DEAL.

See,brings out the crybaby KNOW-NOTHINGS,doesn't it?
How many DOZENS of dockings have they done? NONE? Even SEEN? NONE?
Then,they are MERELY spouting "hearsay" from the other fuzzy-minded AR types.
"IN-ADMISSABLE,your honor"
You dock them, the vet snips off the tip of the tail, which is cartilage when the dog is young (usually within the first days weeks I think). This is also done with the dew claws (extra toenail).
Whether it is cruel or not, everyone has their own thinking. I have had people tell me they have watched it be done and the puppy yelps then goes back to nursing right away, not traumatized. Probably similar to circumcision on baby boys! Although that is a lot more painful, they just don't remember!
You can have them cropped at your vet's office.
I would let them keep their tales as I think it is cruel to clip them. I don't know why they do it but unless there is a genuine medical reason let them keep their tales!
ALL small dog breeds are born with tails. Usually, the tails are 'docked' at birth. It's ususally done with a pair of very sharp shears, and if done at birth, painless for the most part. If you don't feel comfortable docking his/her tail,take the dog to a breeder, and have them do it. I don't know if a vet will.
all are born with long tails. they will have to be clipped off later.
Dogs should be born with tails, why chop them off? I've never understood that.
i would do nothing i think its cruel to clip there tails just for ur look that u want them to have.
All of them are a simple surgical or banding procedure take care of it..However if you<ve never done it it is better left to the vet or you might contact the breeder of your female.This procedure MUST be done within a few days of birth .preferably 3 days Good Luck To You
some of them are born with them some are not. go to the vet get them docked(clipped). it is cheaper if you do it when they are less than 3days old. i recomend getting their dew claws cut also while they are already there.
u could leave it as it is it would be much better for the dog and he will not go through the pain of being"clipped"
All dogs are born with regular tails. Some breeds like the Boston Terrier, Doberman, and Australian Shepherd have thier tails docked when they are under the age of 8 weeks.

Dogs have tails for a reason you know!

A dogs tail is used for balance and to show its mood.

Chopping it off is horrible and wrong!
Ask your veternarian to see whether or not the tail will bother the dog.
boston terriers are supposed to be born with tails. by law you cannot dock the tails anymore. Tails were originaly docked for shows, but it is now classed as mutilation so any dogs with docked tails cannot be in shows.
All dogs are born with tails. They are simply docked at the vets office. Personally I would let them keep their tails unless the dogs are going to be shown in conformation although by your question I can guess this won't be happening.
all of mine were born with cork screw tails , i left it at that. you can talk to your vet if you want to dock there tail, i wouldnt , it gives them their cute uniqueness. but if it bothers you , you can have them docked by a professional (vet) .if they are young enough. keep in mind that it is very painful for a puppy to go through this despite what some may say. i would leave it alone.
You leave them alone.
My view is if its born with it its meant to be there!
They are born with long tails
you take the three day old puppies to the vet and have their dew claws removed and their tails docked.
Why are you breeding these dogs if you do not know at least that?
I can't believe you've bred a litter of puppies and didn't know that puppies are born with tails; you have a lot of work ahead of you. I hope you'll get a breeding manual fast. Your female should have been vaccinated and wormed by your vet, she should have been de-flead regularly because fleas carry tapeworms; this way the pups are born with the minimal worm burden and the maximum antibodies form their dam.
If you live in England docking for cosmetic purposes is illegal. You are not breeding working terriers otherwise you'd know about docking; you're breeding for the pet market. Responsible breeders don't mate their female until they have a waiting list of owners ready to take a pup. Your clients may expect a docked pup. You may have trouble selling them undocked.
Docking should be carried out in the first four or five days; if you've left it any longer its too late. Before then their central nervous system hasn't fully developed so the pups feel minimal discomfort.
nothing they are supposed to be born with tails. its cruel to dock a dogs tail and any vet that does it should be struck off in my opinion. how would you like it if someone cut a bit off you for no reason at all
Have a drink, pass out cigars. Tails are pretty much standard equipment with dogs. Now if a Boston Red Sox was born with a tail, I'd take it to a vet fast & have it clipped so he can slide into second without trouble.
Charge more for the tail lol
Frankly, if you don't already know then you shouldn't be breeding them.
Nothing! They are supposed to have tails - that's how nature intended them.

People, on the other hand, mutilate some dogs by amputating their tails and surgically altering their ears.

In the UK it is supposed to be illegal but some barbaric, ignorant idiots still do it.