Why is my cat's hair dropping everywhere she sits, lies and sleeps?

She has white hair, so you can see it everywhere. It's only been recently that I've noticed the hair falling - is it because she has a new coat forming?
Your best bet is to find a food rich in protein and nutrients like Science Diet. If that doesn't seem to help go to the vet and let them do a couple of blood test, to see if she might have Feline Luekemia. But she could just be sheding her thicker coat.
i don't know why it does but all cats shed a lot.It's normal.
probably yes, if you are really concerned, go to a vets :) xx hope everything's OK
its summer she is molting
If cats don't get enough natural sunlight sometime they will she d really bad. Also their diet can effect whether or not they shed a lot.
the babe is malting!! buy a brush to comb her..its really fun and satisfying,,,but a long long long process..but its worth it!
It's summer, she's moulting as she no longer needs her thick and warm winter coat.
Every breed of cat sheeds differently. If she is long haired she is most likely shedding her winter coat so she can stay cooler for summer.

If she is a normal short haired cat and you are seeing bald spots of any type forming get the cat to the vet ASAP. This would could be a skin disease, dry skin or the cat could of rubbed up against some chemicals.

Either way keep an eye on the shedding. Brushing a cat a few times a week reduces shedding, clups left around the house. Not to mention brushing a cat can prevent hair balls and cats hacking and puking. Plus they love it!
She's hot and its time to shed the excess hair to help her cool down. Its a bugger to vacuum up! *L*
season changes generally has this effect on animals. It is renewing his hair. Just give it some time. it ll be OK
Shes getting rid of her winter coat.My dog is black & my carpets never stay clean for 2 minutes
She is Losing fur for the Summer it will thicken again in the Winter. Logical really.
It's now summer & depending on the tempertures on the weather how hot it is; the fur will fall out more rappedly; During Spring & Summer any animal with fur will re coats it's fur for the different temperatures. Catsand dog fur need to be brush if you know how to care for a pet.~
Does your cat have long hair? brushing you pet daily will help.
1. Go to your vet.
2. Determining whether your cat is removing his own hair by overgrooming or if it is falling out.
3. Conditions that cause the hair to actually fall out, i.e hormonal imbalances, are uncommon.
4. Your vet may need to examine a few of the affected hairs under the microscope to see if they have been broken off from this self-grooming practice.
5. Hair loss due to overgrooming ;. Cats do this when they may feel itchy, causing them to lick and break off their hair in those areas they cannot reach to scratch with their back legs. A few cats will overgroom as a nervous habit similar to people chewing their fingernails.
6. External parasites, especially fleas,
7. Ringworm, a fungal infection, can also cause itching and hair loss.
8 Your vet can perform special tests to determine your cat's specific problem. Allergies that cause itching are very common reasons for self-induced hair loss.
9. Cats can become allergic to their food (even foods they have eaten for years) and to inhaled pollens, dust, molds, etc. in the air. (A special hypoallergenic diet trial to determine if food is the offender.)
10. Allergic skin testing, similar to that done in people, may also be necessary
ITS SUMMER! YOUR cat is hot that's why its shedding. Bring you can to the local grooming place. Get her a nice haircut.
Cats and dogs shed according to the amount of light, not just the change of seasons/temperature. Therefore, even if you kept kitty in an air conditioned apartment, kitty would still shed. Best rec is to get a good brush from the pet store, depending ont the length of kitty's hair. I use a rubber brush with big fat rubber finger-like bristles on my cat, along with a slicker brush (used mostly for dogs). Good luck.
this is soooooooo normal.
u need to take her to a vet there can be several possibilities or you may just need to change her diet (type of food she eats) i find that iamms is really good for this problem because my cats had the same problem and when i took them to the vet he recommended iamms cat food that was a year ago and i currently have no problems