Would a large goldfish eat 2 smaller goldfish?

I recently bought my son 2 new small goldfish to keep his large 8 year old fish company and 1 of them has disappeared - the other one was dead in the corner of the tank looking rather grusome, missing a fair amount of flesh.... The small guys were about 2 inches long so too big to be an accidental mouthful! Has anybody else had this happen?
Yes. This is why goldfish need to be size matched :) They will and do eat smaller fish. I have been keeping goldfish for years, anything smaller then 3/4 of the goldfish already in the tank could be picked on or eaten, but generally just out competed for food, so they starve, die and are then eaten.

Best thing to do is raise them in a second tank, or if you MUST have them in the same tank it should be a very large well planted (only on one side so the larger fish has open room to swim but the smaller ones can hide) and put food on the open side first to draw the large fish away, THEN feed the smaller ones on the other side. Best to just keep them separate. Goldfish get to 12 inches, so require a large tank, but are social, so do need friends. Measure your fish and ask your local pet shop for a goldfish around that size - but be sure your tank is large enough or they will compete for space and food and could kill each other anyway!
yes. i watched it happen to mine. greedy sod
Yes. Carp (including goldfish) are rather carnivorous.
Goldfish can be territorial. They kill each other in fights and the bigger ones usually win. And even though it's really disgusting, gold fish do eat each other.


P.S. But they do get along with snails! :)
No, I have never had that problem, but they did eat our snails.
We had 3 goldfish when I was a kid. 2 big and one small one. The 2 large ones attacked the little one and it ended up without a tail. It only lived for a couple of weeks after that though even though we separated them.
not if u feed it
Of course! It's what fish eat. other smaller fish!
Yes! OMG i did too! I had one fish i had won at the fair and he was huge! I got two other smaller fish to keep him company, turns out he didn't want the company. He ate them and he is still living today.
I had a goldfish that ate plenty of it's roomates. It's a common thing for Goldfish to do, I would sggest getting this gold fish a seperate bowl or finsing away to isolate it from the others.
yes it would.
cannibalism sometimes is cause by inadequate food supply. if you feed your large goldfish regularly it won't bother chasing the small fish. it will cost the large goldfish some chasing first before it will be able to bite the small gold fish. if there is available food, it will not go after the smaller fish.

however some fish are cannibalistic and territorial by nature.
Oh yes my 4 goldfish ended up being 2 goldfish then one died of fright i think , leaving me with JAWS the last fish!! I put my lava lamp next to the tank hoping that it will send jaws mad watching those hot blobs go up and down the lamp allnight might make him think hes eaten something off!! bullying goldfish whod have thought it eh?
Yes - it does happen. Try and get fish of similar size.
If they were in the confines of a tank it is quite probable they were eaten, we have just had some fish breed in our pond and at the moment there are 9 young fish about 2" long, not many considering the quantity of eggs laid so we guess quite a lot of them became lunch for the bigger fish. Geoff.
Cos it was hungry? No, seriously, Goldfish can be territorial. If you still want to get another fish, get one the same size or bigger.
It's normal, either you have to buy a 5 inch goldfish, or consider getting a large pleco.
Yes, it would. I have two goldfish and the bigger one bullys the other, i sugest if you need more fish, get another tank/ bowl.