My dog is licking the floor constantly, how can I stop it?

it's called SOUR APPLE
it's a spray that you can use on furniture and floors and whatever you don't want your dog eating or chewing
get it at any pet supply store
put a little bit of something that your dog wont like on the hot sauce?.or something..that dogs dont like lol. thatlll stop him
Where ever he is licking the floor put down the stuff that stops you biting your nails. Or for larger areas Lemon juice.
My dog used to do that and I just sprayed a little bit of perfume on the floor, and he never went back to it . And it doesn't cause any harm unless he keeps on licking
Rip its tongue out with a pair of good quality pliers!
Mine used to do that, and lick the fabric sofas leaving huge wet patches. It took me a while to work out that it was her licking and not wetting herself the patches were so vast! I used Fabreze on the sofas and bleached the floors with a weak solution of bleach and hot water. She soon stopped. I have no idea why they do it tho, but that worked for me!
Try bitterbite its a brand u spray on surfaces to stop animals chewing them
well first of all you have to stop vacuuming the floor with bacon flavored vacuum powder air freshener.. vacuum your floor with that good smelling powder. for laminate floors clean it with.. you know.. soap cause that doesn't taste good.
if you tie a brush to its tail you wont have to do any more housework
Try putting something your dog doesn't like on the floor, such as tabasco sauce or lemon juice. Yes, this will leave your floors sticky. Make sure your dog has a constant source of fresh water, and try giving him ice cubes, it may be that he likes the "cold" feel of the floor. Also, make sure he's got something to chew on or lick, such as a large bone, to keep him happy. Some dogs develop oral habits that result from boredom.

Your dog is probably licking the floor because something is on the floor like human food. So what you need to do is mop the floor up with soap+water. And then if it continues then you haveta try licking the floor yourself..just kidding, just kidding, but then l suggest you call the vet or something and see if theres something wrong with his/ her tongue. But maybe he/she just likes the feeling of the floor. And also DO NOT put ANYTHING on the floor to make the dog stop. (like lemon juice, hot sauce ect..) Because if you put it on then it will work for a little then the bitter/ spiciness with fade away and then the dog willl be at it again. Trust me l had a dog and he kept chewing on the chair and I tried putting stuff on it and at first he didnt like it but then he didnt seem to care that it was there. So just clean the floor and do the stuff I said and hey maybe you will see some improvment. And before you pick the best answer just try everything that everyones sending you to do. And you can even waste your money on those things that you spray on like lemon juice or bitter apple. But im tellling you right now they wont work and im telling you that if you clean the floor whatever is on there will go away. But remember if it doesnt work maybe he/she likes the feeling or has a tongue problem. Good Luck. and make a good choice on picking that best answer. I mean im not saying pick me or anything im just saying think hard before you pick.
animals do strange things like that when they need vitamins or minerals. there might be a certain mineral in the materal used to make the floor that your dog needs. horses eat paint off of fences when they need zinc.
look for a good mineral supplement for dogs or change food to one that has more vitamins in it.

your dog might stop licking the floor if he has enough minerals.
Either stop spilling food on the floor, or suspend it from the ceiling for a couple of hours a day.
give him a filled kong, something better to do than licking carpets
first of all i think your dog is a cat and it thinks the floor is a cat also.But i agree with everyone else other than the guy that said to put a brush on his tail just put something on the floor that he doesn't like or just cover your floor with rubber shower pads
put a large piece of sellotape around its neck and the other end in a nail on the roof... this will hold the dogs neck up and stop in licking the ground !.....are you for real ?
are u female? lay on the floor!!!!! lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Put petrol on your floor, watch your dog run circles round itself until it runs out of fuel!
you animal lovers are all the same ...its your pet .why do you not just accept that you have purchased an animal.