Neutering my cat?

I need to get my cats neutered - how long does it take for them to recover? And my son, who is devastated that I'm having the cats balls chopped off, wants to know if we can keep them in a jar. Will the vet let us take them home?
Neutering cats is the easiest thing in the world.The vet makes a cut in each ball one at a time pops it out then cuts that one pops it out.Pulls the testicle away from the body ..There is a string like tissue there ,They tie that in a knot,cut the nut off put the knot back in the cat then do the other side.It takes about 10 minutes.Its the drugs that take the longest to get in and your cat will be asleep, He will be OK the next day..Ask the Vet about bringing them home. I'm sure he will give them to you, But they wont keep!
that's just sick. please tell me your joking for even considering that. tell him it is inappropriate and it can't happen.
lol - I like your son's style! Don't worry about getting your cats done - they'll be in and out in one day and will be recovered by that evening. And much nicer pusses for having been de-balled! Unfortunately - I don't think the vet will let you have the bits because he doesn't actually remove them - I think he just snips something!
Cats will bounce right back after having this surgery if young enough. Usually if there is any grogginess, it's purely from the anesthesia and once it wears off, they're good to go. Don't worry, he won't know you did it. You'll be surpirsed the changes you'll see in him. I finally convinced my Mom to neuter her 3 year old cat - he was constantrly roaming and spraying - and where she used to hate him, she now loves him. They become more lovey and stick around more. Don't worry, chances are he'll gain a bit of weight, it's normal!

As far as keeping them, are you kidding? WHY would you want to do that? And I seriously doubt any vet would do that!
When we got my cat neutered he was very tired and obviously sore for about 1 1/2 - 2 days. He didn't feel like doing anything, he just slept a lot and didn't want to be picked up. I highly dought that the vet will let you keep his severed organs, although it would provide a pleasent surprise to anyone who visited.
It is an "outpatient" procedure. They will probably skulk and hide for a day or two until they regain some semblance of dignity, but they will be fully recovered in 48 hours, assuming no complications. As far as the show-and-tell jar of gonads--probably not. They are considered bio-hazardous waste and the veterinarian has an obligation to treat them as such and will not likely box them up for "take out" so to speak.
you should get him neutered to stop unwanted kittens and also it's better for his health.

my cat recovered very quickly, in fact within 24 hours he was up and raring to go (except he couldn't of course due to the op!)

he was a little sick when i got him home but i kept him in my bathroom for the first night so he couldn't get out and also so i could keep an eye on him.

i'm afraid i don't think you'll be able to take his balls home in a jar as the vet will dispose of them, if you really want them you could ask!

hope all goes well.
Recover from anaestethic- usually fine the same day. Recover from being neutered, oh never! Ha ha, just kidding. It actually takes about 6 weeks for the hormones to settle down, so they will still spray and wander from home. And I really doubt the vet will let you take the balls home! That is pretty sick!
its not like that the cat will be fine you need to talk to a vet but the cat will be back to the norm in a week or two

see the vet

good luck
It doesn't take long from a male cat to recover from a neutering.

Your son shouldn't be devastated over this.there's more things to be devastated about. I know all males cringe at the thought of it happening to them, but the cat won't really give a damn.

I doubt the vet will let you take them home, it's considered medical waste. But you could ask I guess, if it's that important.
why spend that much money when you can do it your self . Your cat will forget who de-nutted him in a short while
If your cat feels emasculated you could get him a set of these
Male cats will be fine later that evening one the anaesthetic wears off. Very mildly tender. The balls do not get chopped off!! ha, that's so cute, if you son ever gets his tonsils taken out they might let him keep those in a jar.

As for the females it's a bit worse they actually can take a few days to recoup. as they have our equivalent of a hysterectomy.

Hope this helps!
they don't cut the cat's balls off anymore. they simply cut the correct veins, or sometimes they just inject them with something and they shrink. And I believe that a neutering is an outpatient sort of thing.
If you ask the vet he might let you have them - after all they belong to your cats!
Obviously you are talking about recovery for male cats. So long as there are no complications, your cats will only need to recover from the anesthetic. They'll be a bit groggy when you bring them home but you would expect them to be back to normal by the next day. Neutering male cats is very simple and doesn't require the recovery period with stitches etc that a female would.
I had my cats (brother & sister) done a few weeks ago.

They went in to the vets in the morning and were home that evening. They were both a little dopey from the anesthetic, but were back to their normal selves after a few hours.

They both had to wear an elizabethan collar (or cone) for a while to stop them licking their stitches.

They will need a check up after 3 days and the female had her stitches out 10 days after the op. They use disolvable stitches on the boys so you don't need to worry about that.

I'm sure your little man will be fine. He will be a better cat for it!
They recover in 2-3 days, after one week they are absolutely fine. You can't keep the balls, plus it's gross, I've seen them, your son should not see them, he will start having problems about his own balls.
Also, be careful, after the surgery, you must start feeding the cats special food for neutered males, that prevents struvite crystals formation in the urine. Neutered males have the tendency to get crystals and they block and can die if not treated very soon. If you ever see them straining and not peeing, or peeing in strange places, take them to the vet immediately. You must remember that for the rest of their life, but it doesn't mean that it will necesarily happen.
males recover very quickly.. its much better for them in the long run.. tell your son it greatly reduces many health risks common in unneutered cats (particularly testicular cancer) and it reduces male agression issues, and often stops spraying behavior

why would you even consider allowing your son to keep the testicles in a jar? you are the parent not your son.. dont allow him to be the boss of you and what you do with your cat.. if your son is obcessed with keeping the cats testicles perhaps you should be posting bigger questions in the PARENTING section. really thats just odd..
Male cats get over it very quickly, its much worse for a female. My cat was fine the next day, but i kept him in for 3 days just incase.
As for your child wanting to keep the cats 'balls', i think you need to explain why you are geting them removed and what they are their for in the first place, im sure once he knows, he will have sympathy for your cat.
I had my 6 month old male cat neutered a couple of days ago. The vet said that he would be sleepy for the rest of the evening, but he was as active as ever, jumping all over the furniture and running around. I don't think they really notice it. The vet that I use does the operation through a tiny cut, so he didn't have any stitches at all.
male cats are generally around from the anaestetic in a few hours and are asked to be kept indoors for 24 hours to "fully recover" from the GA. female cats take longer as they have stitches (boys dont) as for taking there "testicals" home there isnt alot to take home, each one is about the same size as a peanut, a tiny insision is made and they are "popped" through, cut and tied off, as the wound heals everything contracts, and what is taken off is put in clinical waste, i would imagine by the time you get them home they will smell and dry up and shreivel, anyway you cant stick them back on if you change your mind !!
I'll share my experience of the surgery (I must note - my cat is indoors-only):
Had an appointment to take my cat to the vet at 2 p.m. Did so.
At 4 p.m. they called me that I could pick him up.

I took him home, where he immediately hid under the couch (which I expected). I stayed home for another 15 mins before going back to work, jusn in case. Before I left, he was out from under the couch, although he seemed a bit unsteady on his feet. He wasn't avoiding me.

When I came back from work, maybe 3 hours later, he met me at the door and seemed back to normal. I think he found the litter a bit irritating when pooping, but he had no problem with pee-ing, and the irritation went within two days.

After the operation, I found he became more playful and active than he was before it.

So, I'd say the recovery should be pretty quick.

Please tell your son that it's not a good deed to leave the kitty intact. And also you could tell him that it's not nice to have animal parts in jars around the house. They're dead parts.