What pain killers can we give a cat?

My parents cat has a swelling on its leg. She thinks it has been bitten by another cat. It is very sore and they were wondering if there was any suggestions on painkillers and may be something to help it heal.. Unfortunately they are not able to go to a vet as they live on a small island and it involves a boat trip (which run sporadically) and overnight stay in a hotel.
how about just calling your vet on the mainland. They may be able to suggest how to best manage the wound best. I'm sure they deal with islanders pets all the time and are prepared how to help.

NEVER give any human medications or self medicate as most things are lethal to cats. Even using hydrogen peroxide will cause damage to the healthy tissue as it is forces bacteria further into the wound killing the healthy tissue. Your vet can verify this info.
Small mallet.
YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CALL A VET and ask its free to ask and they will give you the recommended amount DOSE
and if one vet says he cant help call a few more
or look it up on the web on a vet site
Regardless of circumstances - if they are responsible for aan animal and it's pain, they MUST get appropriate help. If the leg gets infected - the cat could get gangrene or lose the leg.
I'd try and keep the leg clean and call the vet or RSPCA for advice!
I used to have an old irish farm vet see to my animals - he always said 1/2 a disprin for a cat and use savlon on a wound. It always worked on my cat xx
if its an open wound try putting some salt in water and bathing the leg also I''v found an antiseptic cream helps. if its in side then she needs a vet to find out what it really is because even pain killers are not going to help. also is there a doctor on the island ask them they may be able to help.
try the web - should have some help lines - I'd be real careful cause everything is toxic to cats
Never give human medicaments to an animal.
A vet visit is imperative! If it is a bite wound then the cat will need antibiotics. The wound may also need to be drained. Never give a cat aspirin- it is toxic to them. Hold a warm, wet washcloth on the wound to soften the fur stuck in it and clean it as best as you can. I'd pour some hydrogen peroxide on the wound and get it to a vet!
Alternative therapies like Quantum-Touch, Reiki and acupuncture can work really well for animals - some practitioners specialise in working on pets. It's worth looking into. Much healthier and safer than drugs.
you should speak a veterinary .

also check this site
Aspirin and paracetamol are poisonous to cats. If you really can't get a vet (and I find that strange. Even small islands have some farm animals needing veterinary care) you are best to leave it alone. You can do more harm than good if you don't know what you are doing.
You can treat animals with children strength medicines and if you can find "Gum Spirits of Turpentine" rub some on it and the swelling and infection will go away in about 2-3 days. You will still need to have the animal checked for rabies if bitten by another animal.
you should ask your vet that really! Don't give anything your cat until your sure its ok with the vet or its for cats
Only a vet can prescribe the pain killers. You may help in killing the cat's pains by loving it.
It isnt wise to give our medication to a cat or any animal,tell them to give the vet a call and he will advise them,hope all goes well with the ***** cat.
you cant, she needs to see a vet NOW!! you dont want her getting a infection in her leg, this needs sen NOW! or as soon as
if they cannot get the cat to a vet they should not have a cat. I NEEDS a vets attention as it could have bone cancer, an abcess and need antibiotics. You cannot give a cat human painkillers it needs proper veterinary ones. Which island do they live on?
NONE! Aspirin is LETHAL to cats, it causes blood clots on the spinal cord and a slow painful death.

The cat needs to see a vet. The swelling is an infected bite and will lead to gangrene. The cat needs anti biotics.
It wouldn't matter to me if I lived on an island out in the middle of the ocean, nothing would prevent me taking my little mate to the vets. You wouldn't think twice if it was a child, and to me it's the same thing.

Why can't you go and get it?