Does normal shampoo for human hair burn a dogs skin?

i find that dog shampoo doesnt leave a nice smell
It does not burn their skin.

It is not made for them . it does not do a very good job of cleaning them . and the pH level is not correct for their skin.

You can use it in a pinch, but it is much better to use a dog shampoo . and usually dog shampoo is cheaper and more concentrated so you use less each time.

I've washed a dog in Tide before . and I've even washed myself in Tide before . it didn't kill either one of us! But I can tell ya -- it wasn't very gentle on my skin! Dried me up like beef jerky! I can imagine that THAT feeling is what my dog experienced, too! And maybe they feel that when we use people-soap on them?

Use what is made for them, you get much better results and less dandruff/odor.
no it actually work better than dog shampoo
I've never heard that. I use human shampoo on my dog, and there's never been a problem.
you can get special scented dog hair shampoo but never use human shampoo for a dog. I can badly irritate thier skin
it doesnt burn their skin but it irritates them and can cause rashes.
no, why should it, it may not be as good for their coats.
I sometimes use my shampoo, Then use dog shampoo, or the other way about
I've used pantene on my dog and it was fine. Our shampoos aren't made for dogs, but it wont hurt them. There are some good smelling dog shampoos though, you may want to look for some first.
no.there skin is stronger then ours
Some dogs have more sensitive skin than a human. That is why they can't be bathed as often as humans bathe. My dog has to use special oatmeal pet shampoo because when I used a gentle human shampoo on her, her skin started flaking (like doggy dandruff). If your dog is scratching a lot, switch to an oatmeal dog shampoo (Hartz makes one). It's not that expensive, and it can be found at most grocery stores and even wal-mart.
If you water it down before you use it on the dog it causes no problems and works better than pet shampoos.
I have been told (by a doggie food vendor) that you can use anything on your dog that you would be prepared to use on a human baby, (assuming of course that you weren't trying to harm the baby).
Some dogs have very sensitive skin and it will irritate them very badly. I hear you on the stinky dog shampoo. We've been using a very mild puppy's purple and made by Hartz that actually smells quite Lavendar. I've heard of people using regular shampoo for dogs, no problem and others whose dogs had a very adverse reaction to it. I suppose a spot test couldn't hurt.
no it may irritate depending on a the dag that goes for humans too
nnoo, dont use regular shampoo on a dog
it strips the dogs natural oils from its hair, and eventually that can lead to scale irritation and hair thinning ect

but it doesnt burn, you should just look somewhere else
i find 'hertz' brand dog shampoo smells very nice
I aways use normal shampoo on my yorkie
no. head&shoulders is really good for dogs skin

I use my shampoo for my dog too..^_^
We wash our Chitzu cross first with Tesco Value shampoo as it has no added stuff just as a pre wash then we use a nice tea tree doggie shampoo that smells ok, then its back to the Value conditioner so he is all soft and smells nice.
I have been doing that monthly for 5 years and he has a beautifull coat.
The only human shampoo that i would use is baby shampoo its not as harsh as regular brands.There are some dog shampoos that dont smell so bad you kind of have to go through some to find a better smell though I found one that smelled like berries at walmart once and one that resembled baby shampoo. Im not one for baby shampoo smell
Most human shampoo won't burn a dogs skin. It still isn't good for them though. Dog skin/hair and human skin/hair have a different natual pH. Human shampoo is not meant for dogs. It can cause irritation and dryness of the skin.

There are many different dog shampoos out there. The Groomax brand by petsmart has many different scents and varieties. I also like the Fresh & Clean brand. Or, if your dog has been to a groomer, ask what shampoos they use there. Sometimes they use a different kind than the store/shop sells and it holds a good scent longer.
If you're going to use a human shampoo on your dog, you should use a baby shampoo like Johnsons. Dogs skin is more sensitive, like babies, and shampoo which you would use can cause itching and dry skin on your dog. This can be difficult to clear as your dog will keep scratching and making it worse.
If you buy the right shampoo for your dog you will see the diff, they have many to choose from. Some are just for look and smell and some for their skin, people shampoo is very bad for their skin ask any groomer. I take my schnauzer to the groomer ever 6 weeks when I use anything but dog shampoo he scratches like crazy, my jack Russell is the same way but he doset get groomed I bath him in my sink with a luster oil base dog shampoo. He has short hair so I want to protect his skin. The groomer told me only one bath ever 4 to 6 weeks no more than that its really bad for thier skin You have to keep the water out of his ears. yes Q tip and only as far as you can see if you use a cotton ball do not use the Qtip with it use your finger only so it cant get stuck in his ear.
no i use my shampoo on my dog and it don't hurt her also if your worried about it afecting her use baby shampoo it's soft on baby skin so it's soft on dog skin to and it makes them smell good and makes there hair nice and soft
i shouldnt think so but ask a vet aqbout scented dog shampoo or if its safe for human shampoo
try it and see
baby shampoo would be better
No but it can make their skin flaky if you do it to often.
No it dose it better infact and your right dog shampoo dose smell it should not burn your dogs skin.
I use baby shampoo on my dogs sometimes. They smell clean and it has very few irritants.
it does burn their skin. i always use my shampoo on my dogs. So far so good.
I use a very mild shampoo on our dogs such as a baby shampoo, it has done no harm and does not sting their eyes