Do spiders die if u hoover them up?

i just sucked up 1 of those huge spiders with the vacuum cleaner, it's 1 with a bag that the dust and stuff gets collected in. i was wondering if spiders die in there or can they escape and climb out again?
Depending on the vaccumm cleaner. spiders like other small creatures have high dexterity. If the dust has not got into its breathing holes, it might be alive. But if it cannot find a way out and gets trapped in the dustballs, sure it'll die.

Edit: Spiders do have lungs. Not mammalian lungs but book lungs. Anatomically different breathing apparatus.
I'm not sure empty the bag and see.
I don't want to scare you, but I once sucked up a spider with one of those little vacuumcleaners, and I swear that it came walking right out again. I killed it with a shoe then, bit it was freaky, like something from the Twilight zone. But I think you don't have that problem with a none handheld vacuumcleaner.
In a dyson they would get very dizzy!
i think they do escape.. then they come for you when you are asleep ooooohhhhh
Yes but its ok cos they go to spider heaven. Spider heaven is full of flies and other annoying insects.
I guess some might. Depends on what type of hoover you have. Some hoovers have filters etc so they might get caught up in the filter. The heat as well could kill them. Otherwise they may breath in the dust and suffocate.
They probably suffocate on the dust in the bag.
I imagine a vac with a bag in would be a bit harder to escape from.
wouldn't you
I would say that the spider is pretty well doomed, doomed I tells ya.
No I don't think they die but if I was you I would spray some raid on the carpet and suck it up there with the spider then for sure he will die.
First of all, I think that was a pretty smart thing to do.
Instead of trying to "squash" it or spray it with an insecticide, you found a way to get rid of it with very little discomfort on your part.

For vacuums WITH a hose:
If you used the vacuum that has the bag, and you end up throwing away that bag when it's full, then the spider is "captured and trapped" within that bag and is going nowhere.
If it makes you feel better, throw the bag in the trash can and be done with it.
But, no.the spider is not going to be able to get out now, it's a goner.

And this is a good tip for those who might be in areas where you are plagued with those ugly "cockroaches".
Grab your vacuum, the one with the hose on it, and go suck up those roaches that are visible. Get as many as you can and then take the bag out to the garbage.
To be sure that you've killed them, after you suck them up, get a can of Raid or some other insecticide, and with the vacuum on "suck", spray a bunch of raid in the hose.guess what happens to the roaches then?
If it's a Dyson then the particles inside fly around at 67.5mph, that spider is going to get minced up!

Spiders don't have lungs, so how are they going to breath in dust?
I don't think so!
I wonder what would happen if you sucked up a tarantula?
If your vacuum has a rotating beater bar that brushes the carpet, the spider was most likely mangled beyond any hope of life before he (or she) ever made it to the bag. Most vacuums have a one way flapper valve at the bag opening to prevent any backflow or contamination. Youl should feel safe.
My sister recommended I do it, saying the hoover turns them inside out. I think she mistook it for sucking them into space though, wheres theres no atmospheric air pressure.

I haven't noticed a live spider in there yet though.
No. Sorry! Yes they do climb back out,either empty the bag,if you are brave enough,or plug the end with tissue until someone else can empty it!
yes, they will climb out again.. they lovely spiderts, i love spiders, I have aprox 20 at home, I sleep with them, i bath them in water etc etc etc
It will still be alive, they are very resiliant because of their exoskeleton. It will probably crawl out again as long as it hasn't lost all of its legs in which case it will either die of starvation or shed its skin thereby regrowing its legs and crawl out again.

You shouldn't try to kill spiders, they get rid of other pests in your home like flies, mosquitos, moths and ants if you leave them alone and are completely harmless and usually not visible because they are afraid of humans. If you find one in an inconvenient place like the bath or the middle of the floor gently transfer it to a high up place like the top of a bookcase with a magazine and a clean glass or jar. Also if you are superstitious it is meant to be very bad luck to kill a spider.
some die but it is very possible for them to live n crawl back out, i swear they do it on purpose. but they can climb back out cuz the little critters have done it to me. i get mum to get rid of them!
You have put a smile on my face, my 17year old daughter does the same, if she sees a spider out comes the hoover and she sucks the spider in, but unfortunetly it will crawl out again i have seen it happen. It it was a tiny one it would get tangled in the dust but a big no it will crawl out. Sorry
i think it might be dead
wouldn't you be if you were sucked
up a very windy pipe and put in a
VERY VERY dusty bag
spiders have asthma too!!
Well it depends if your bag for the hoover is sealed tight because if so, the spider won't be able to get out and will possibly die or will just live on dust!
i think they do die because of too much
dust, you JUST MURDERED A SPIDER!! A SIN!! u can do a good deed by taking the body out and performing a funeral.
The answer is "Yes!" The spider will die within several hours.
Insects, (like humans) need clean air (not dust) and a source of water to survive.
Some are more resilient than others, but in the long run all living creatures will die without these basic necessities. As for crawling out..I would imagine it depends on the vacuum bag seal. If it is secure and tight than the insect is trapped and will die shortly thereafter. You know, Buddhists believe that all living creatures deserve a right to exist. Just like humans. Even if they are considered vermin or a health risk to human life. It is our responsibility to create a living environment that will keep them out so as not to effect your life, I'm sure the spider wanted out of the bag as well as your house. Once life is taken away, it can never be restored.
yes its dead or it should be
Trust me it is deffinatly NOT dead and will crawl out of there eventually
My auntie was terrified of spiders and from and from an early age tried to persuade me that they do survive now i am not so sure!
YES it will come back to get you. and it will be bigger.
No sorry they dont die immediately, you have to leave the hoover running a good while after to make sure . Wasps and flies dont die when you hoover them either!