My rabbit seems to have broken its back, what should i do?

should i hit it over the head with a spade to stop it misery.
no. let it continue to suffer! what do you think.. take it to the VET!!
Some pastry.
Hit it hard behind the ears with a piece of wood
if you think its broken its back then get him down the vet - pronto! if so he will be put down im affraid to say x
Take it to the vet but if he says the rabbit's back is broken it will have to be put down.

How did it happen?
i cant believe this is a serious question? if ur a pet owner,why ask wot u should do if ur pet is hurt, get it to the vets,and treat it with less suffering as possible,would u like bein hit with a spade if u were in pain? dont be cruel.
Get off the computer and go take that poor bunny to the vet. And please don't get any more pets.
Go to your veterinarian.
Here's an idea? Take it to a veterinarian to be humanely put to sleep. Barbarian...
Get free vetinary advice before you do anything. Then ask yourself how it broke its neck. Nothing should suffer, and maybe your rabbit will have to be put down.humanely. By the way.. don't flatter yourself, Satan would know what to do, and pastry boy should look and himself in a mirror.
are you a vet that can make an accurate diagnosis? and how did this happen? AND WHY AREN'T YOU AT A VETS RIGHT NOW???
stupid inconsiderate dipstick
skin it wrap with bacon and grill it up yum need to take it to the dr ASAP! right now. go! Do not hit your animal, that is animal cruelty and you can go to jail for that
Let the Vets take care about it
no, take him to the pound and they will put him out of his misery for free
hum take it to hospital? A&E
what r u MAD.what would you do if it was you.Lets hope that you dont have any pets.
The kindest thing is to take it to the vet quickly so it stops suffering what are you hanging about for? asking questions that you surely know the answer to grrr
You cruel swine. It will be in agony. You should have taken it to the Vet immediately. The RSPCA should know about you.
take it to be put down humanely at the vets....
tell you what Satan put the spade in with him and see if he'll do it himself. Maybe if we're lucky he'll use it on you instead
TAKE IT TO THE VETS give it a bit of dignity For F***Sake!!!
Take it to the vet and get it humanely euthanised.
for crying out loud!.
STOP wasting time on here! take the poor thing to a vet!! Never assume anything, do not kill it yourself!!!!
Are you for real? What do you think you should do? Get off the PC and bring it to the vets ASAP!!!!!! The poor rabbit is suffering!!
hi if you think your rabbit has a broken back you should take it the vets asap not leaving to suffer in pain as that is unfair to the rabbit,it is not right to head it over the head to kill it,that is wrong and you would get aressted for that and got to prison,so take the poor rabbit to the vet to be put down,you never no its back may not be broken just injured,even if you cant affored the vet bills as we all no the vets anit cheap,you can pay off the bill in instalements most vets will do that as they will not allow a animal to suffer
You sound a pain . shall i hit you over the head with a spade and put us out of misery