How long does it take for my mixed race baby to start getting his colour?

I am white and my partner is african-carrabian our son is now 3 weeks old but shows no signs of getting any darker?
BY 3 WEEKS-THE BABY SHOULD HAVE HIS COLOR. He may just be light skinned.
He might not!
There are light-skinned mulattos too, you know?
I think that will be his natural colous, he may get darker over the years from being in the sun..but i don't think his skin will naturally darken.i'm sure he's cute :)
Luck of the draw I should think. Why don't you ask a Doctor?
It is important to remember that each child is unique. I have met mixed race families with multiple children, each child having his/her own skin tone. Just as a very dark african-american couple may be blessed with a lighter skinned child and vice versa.

This also happens in strictly caucasian couples. My mother and stepfather are both fairly pale, with extremely fair skin, but their second youngest daughter, now 8 years old, has never had a tanning issue, and is often asked if she is mixed with another race, which she isn't.

Just remember that your beautiful little bundle may simply look more like you than your partner, or the other way round. I remember this white woman and her african partner who lived next door when I was about 17...they had five children, each of whom was a different shade. The youngest had the curliest african-type hair, ghost-white skin, african features, and blue eyes. He was ADORABLE!

Good Luck!
ok,, I'll say it!. Maybe it's not yours.
if you look at your babys fingernails where the cutical is you will see a brown line going around the fingernail at the bottom thats what colour your baby will become and id say 6 months
He might stay the colour he is now or darken over time. It depends, and it's to do with a combination of genetics and surroundings.
There is a baby at my daughters baby group that is 5 months old. his mother is white and his father is very dark but he only seems to have the smallest hint of colour to him but he has the darkest eyes ive ever seen. The colour will come as he gets older so dont worry.
I dont know if theres an answer to that. I have a mixed kid I am white and his father is african American and he is very light skinned. Hes almost a year. I also have a girlfriend that has a mixed baby and she was white as a ghost till she hit 2 and now shes fairly dark. So i guess that it all depends and the genes and what not.
it can vary somtimes within a few weeks, sometimes in a few months or years. my cousins took aa few months, and my husbands nephews took years until their coulour came out.