How do i get my 1 year old daughters hair to grow?

make her do a head stand in manure...joking...try keeping it trimmed regularly..but you will probably find your daughter will have a growth spurt at about 18 months as mine did, she was completely bald until then now she has hair down past her shoulder at 2 and a half..don't panick mum
sheesh, I wish I knew, my baby is almost three and barely has any hair.
you have to wait for it to grow on it's own
just leave it alone, there's nothing you can do.little babies sometimes don't have much will come in later
You can't do anything, it will come in when it's ready. Some kids are bald till after 2.
well i know that when theyre a baby your supposed to cut it because it grows longer and nicer. but im not sure if you already did that. other than that, im not sure
Babies grow hair at different rates; my daughter hardly had any hair at all until she was 18 months old, now she's almost 10 and she has long, beautiful, silky hair.

Don't worry about rushing things along, leave it to nature and it will come right.
Honestly, cut it. My hair wouldn't grow as a baby I looked bald, and she took me to the hairdressers, they cut it and now I have long thick hair. My daughter was the same fine blonde hair, so I got it cut, she's now 4 with shoulder length hair.
I can't remember where i heard it but i remember someone saying jelly helps hair grow. It may be nonsense but it's gotta be worth a go
I gave my little guy a trim and now it's Growing like weeds. His hair was very thin and wispy so we snipped the ends off and it WORKS..
good luck
Have you ever given her a haircut? If you haven't it won't grow as fast. I actually shaved my kids hair, and it grew back quickly and thicker. Give her a haircut, cut off as much as possible.
you have to let nature take it's course
You cant really do anything other than take her for regular trims which will encourage her hair to grow and thicken.
You'll have to be patient I'm afraid. All babies are different. My daughter was born with a lovely mop of black curls, but got awful cradle cap at about 6 weeks. We had to cut most of it off. But it grew back fairly quick. (I was gutted though)
just ignore it then give it the odd trim if its weak and whispy shave it all off it will grow back stronger.
feed child
wash hair
rinse hair
and wait patiently
My mum said that the best way to make a childs hair to grow is to get it trimmed regually. The more of the baby hair you get rid of the more the big girl hair grows. And it keeps it tidy looking too. Good luck. x
I don't think there is much you can do, try not to worry about it too much. It will grow in it's own time.

My daughter didn't have much hair until she was 3 years old
I just put her in pretty dresses and put an Alice band around her head when we were going somewhere special.
The rest of the time I dressed her for warmth.
I live in a place which gets quite a bit of rain.

It got quite funny when people confused what sex she was as they got all apologetic.

Both my son's had very little hair, maybe because she was my third child I didn't worry about it. If you give people plenty of clues like dress her in pink most people get it right.

People guessed my son's sex wrong as well.

Her hair when she was 7 was nearly down to her waist.

She is now 12 and her hair is still long and lovely.

Don't worry too much you have a beautiful baby girl.
My ex-husband is a hairdresser. One thing that drove him mad was seeing little girls with their hair tied up as he said that it damaged the hair follicles and stopped it growing properly.. Hope this helps.

I have a wonderful (honest) 6 year old, would you like to swap. you dont have to worry about the hair then! :)
I put leave in conditoner on my daughters hair and it started growing within a year she had a full head of hair
patience is a virtue
Try a hair grease called (Grandma secret recipe.) In a purple and white jar I'm using it on my daughter hair, and its working find I have been using it for a few months now. You can find it at a beauty supply store.
Her hair will grow out soon, don't worry. Let nature take its course - it may take a while to grow out, but when it does, it will grow to be healthy. I'd stay away from chemicals on her - just be patient.
try miracle grow
u cant or i would make my hair grow!
I wish I knew, my 8 month old has almost no hair. The doctor said that children who will have light and fine hair take forever to grow. Good luck!
i dont know did anyone ever tell you this.even if its a have to shave their heads..if they still got soft spots.try to stay away from it.u can wait for like 5 or 6 months to shave their heads..but that is the best way to have their hair grown.its a vietnamese tradition which it doesnt have to be.but it works..
my daughter is 4 she had no hair for ages until she was about 3
now i cant stop it lol
i took my daughter to the hairdresses they looked at me oddly when i said can you give her a trim but it worked wonders .
she had that fine baby hair with in 4 months her hair really started growing. hope this helps
I don't think you really can but massaging the scalp would help.
My daughter remained hairless until about 20 months
i heard if you rub thir head gently it ment 2 stimulate hair growth
You can't. It just takes time. My god-daughter was practically bald when she was one. She's 3 now and has a full head of curls!