Do u think it proper for teenagers to hit their parents ?

law states that we are not allowed to hit our children?bout what about children hitting their parents?who helps us?
The first time my children raised their hand to me (around age 2) I send them fliing through the room<----airborn! After that they will think twice about raising their hand to me again. I am a tough mom and I tell them I'll take em' out in an instant if they even think of hitting me! As a mother I will not tolerate the disrespect of my teenager hitting me, especially if it a son! I show NO fear to my kids and they respect that. I'm small 5'2" but I am "full of piss and vinager" as my hubby says it! Good luck and watch your back!
YOU HELP YOUR SELF!!!!!!! Do it the old fashioned way, a royal *** whoopin.......... dont care what the state says, they dont have to deal with a child hitting t hem.........
Assalt is assalt, regardless of who's throwing the punches. The law would protect you, the same as it protects your children.
It's called battery and it is against the law. Call the police.
GOOD QUESTION.My kids ..I've told EVER hit me.make it good.cause when I do come around.YOU'RE *** IS MINE!! Remember that! They never have hit me.I'm sure my teenage daughter and son HAVE wanted to hit me..but one raise of the eye brow.and that "do it and see what happens" look.stops them dead in their tracks..

ALSO.this is why spankings work.disipline when they are wrong..and keep them in line.No NEGATIVE EMAILS WANTED FOR MY OPINION!
File assault charges against him. If you allow this to go on, his respect for all authority is gone and who knows what he may do.
forget teenagers. nobody should be allowed to hit their parents
no and for a child to do that is really f ucked brother is a boxing coach and teaches his 7 year old daughter how to punch,he laughs when she hits my really pisses me off.sure she should be able to defend herself but it worries me that she would be like that at school.
You need to see someone, and fast. Get professional help and protection from this abuse. You don't deserve this. Your children should respect you not want to hurt you.
if any child of mine tries to hit me, I'm beating him/her and I don't care what the "law" states. I am sorry but I do not think its "child abuse" to discipline your child/children.
actually...they should know what they are doing!

no ideal child will do that...
i think it is sooooooooooooo wrong to hit ur parents they bought you into this world. whoever hits thier parents they r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. stupid!!!!!
Parent hitting minor child = child abuse.
Parent hitting adult child = assault
Adult child hitting parent = assault
Minor child hitting parent = not yet criminalized. They shouldn't, but if they do, there isn't a lot you can do except put them in counseling.
No. Have some respect, you piece of scum. You're parents spent their time and money bringing you up. So shut up.
Noone my friend was in this situation and acalled the police, they wasn't intrested because it was classed as a domestic, i think it stinks although none of my 3 teenage boys would dare hit me, that's just lack of respect.
You should never let children hit you or control your house. That is why they are the children. This obviously is nt something that happened over night and now it up to you to find a way to correct it. First look at yourself and your parenting style and address some things that you need to change.

Next, practice tough love. Don't be a punk and do what you have to do. You can do it. But remember just like are kids become who we develop them to be it may take months or years to "re-train" then to be a better version of themselves.
No it is not right - you should report them to the police to give them a fright but then not go ahead with pressing charges. That should be enough of a kick in the backside without you having to physically touch them - that is a better example to them than you retaliating on a physical basis
were is the respect,,, come on for gods sake, it stands to reason
come on .like if parents r not allowed 2 hit their u think children r allowed 2 hit their parents.i think wat the law wants 2 make clear is that individual rights is respected.children hitting their parents is not normal at all.if anyone is experiencing this better get some help.u wanna know why there is not a law protecting the parents?cuz WE ar supposed 2 discipline our is OUR full your child behaves towards parents is the outcome of how you discipline them.if things tend 2 get outta proffessionel help.your last resort is 2 send your child 2 a special home.its emotionally disturbing 4 both parties.
It is not proper for anyone to hit someone else at any point or time. I would never even think to hit one of my parents. NEVER!!It is wrong on all levels.
if your child hits you then you can call the police and press charges on them for domestic violence..but if theyre a minor you'll have to pay for the court costs and they'll prolly just get community brother hit me just 2 weeks after i gave birth to my son.i flew clear across the room onto the hard floor onto something..police said i could press charges and told my mom if he ever hits her she could do the same.but i moved to florida and couldnt go to court so i dropped the charges
Call the cops. they WILL take care of it, No matter what age we are dealing with.
Simple as this I brought you into this world and I can take you out.if my child felt brave and brazen enought to hit me or my husband they better make it count because let me tell you there would be hell to pay. And this whole it's illegal to hit your children thing is a crock of you know what. They took the power of dicipline away from teachers and kids now rule the schools. Now they want to take it away from the parents and look what is happening we live in a world where kids are allowed to tell an adult to f k off but not allowed to ride a bike without a helmet. Do we forget about what life was like when we were young? Because it is our generation ( newer parents ) who are making up this stupid rules. We live in fear of our children when they should be the ones living in fear of us. Our grandparents must be disgusted with us all.
If whoever came up with this law took a quick glance around the country he/she will note that crime is increasing. Now my personal opinion is that the increased crime rates are to do with lack of discipline in homes. When my grandad and nan were younger if they misbehaved they had the 'slipper" or a clip around the ear hole by their parents or a policeman etc and the threat of a repeat of that was usually enough to put them off doing whatever they were doing wrong. Now i realise that measures have got to be put into place to protect those poor children whose monster parents abuse them with violence, but discipline starts at home and if your teenagers are hitting you, they must have missed out on discipline. Fone the police on them and report them for abuse. They need to know who is in charge.
No its not proper. What the law is saying is that now our children are the parents and the parents are the children. I don't agree with the word beat. But a small tap or light slap is only hurting there ego. It all starts from a early age. My teenagers are all grow up now. Finished school and have good jobs. They knew at the age of one years old not to hit there parents. When i was in school their was the strap and just knowing it was their in the school office made us do better in school. Although i did not believe in the strap. But it worked. My son is taller then me and still takes a step back if i raise my hand. And i never struck my parents because they said our arm would stick up from the grave and that they would not be able to lower it. lol. That worked. You have to be firm now because of this law. Because mine are all grown up i can't give you any info on who helps the parents these days. A parent should let there kids know at an early age that it will not be tolerated under the home that they live in. That if they hit they will be taken away and if a teenager? Throw them out. If they back call the police.
No, it is not proper 4 teens to hit their parents.Was it in self-defence though? Then u deserve to be hit!
Dolly, you need to go for some help,go to your child's school ,or social worker to get
some advice.
You M U S T do something. I f your teenager hits YOU ,can you imagine who else he ( she ) hurts ?
That is taboo.get a can off whooparse out and apply.if one of my kids were to hit me they know what will happen.stand up for yourself
This is funny. Back in my day, we (children) spoke when we were spoken to or asked to speak. We got our little asses whipped when we were disrespectful to elders. We said "yes ma'am" and "no sir", out of RESPECT. The thought NEVER entered our minds to sass our elders like children do nowadays. It's simply because the government has taken power out of the parent's hands, and put it into their hands. Just another means to control us all. That's why a lot of parent's second guess themselves about whether of not to spank their kids butts when they act up. They are afraid of the law, that has been put in place to destroy the family and the infastructure within it.

I'm glad I live in a state that allows corporal punishment. My 6 year old son would never DREAM of sassing me or hitting me now, or when he got older. All this attachment parenting brainwash is doing is placing kids equal to adults, and they are not. That's part of what's wrong with the world today! Kids don't know their place as KIDS. I see mothers stop important conversations on a dime just to listen to their child whine about wanting a sucker?! I would have gotten smacked for this! Where is the discipline? AP parents do not instill discipline in their children, and this way of non-parenting is spreading like wildfire. As a result, you will see more and more disrespectful and beligerent youths.

Who helps us? We help ourselves by raising proper kids! They claim those of us who got spankings as a child grow up to be violent people and hit others as kids. Let me tell you something, I never hit my mother, father or grandparents.OR ANY ELDER! I never even hit any of my peers at play or otherwise. This is all a Jedi mind trick to get you over to their side of thinking!

Children have a place. Teach them this now, or Johnny Law will be happy to do it for you when they get out in the world. They will be put behind bars and have cases thrown at them for all the lessons they missed as a child. They'll have plenty of time to meditate on this in prison.

The world owes us nothing. The world is cold. That's why it's up to us parents to teach our kids discipline and tough love in the home when they break rules or show disrespect. They only whoop a parents behind because that parent LET them. It will never be me, I'll tell you that much. I wish one of mine would try that mess right there.
No I think if your teens do that they should bne gounded
Certainly not i can assure you mines would not dream of it