How long can a 14 year old babysit for?

Baby sitting for a 14 year old should never be done totally alone.
A 14 year old can baby sit unsupervised for appox. 3 hours and that's pushing it, depending on the number babysitting for.

I've learned since having twins that outside of teenaged employment, babysitting, yard work, paper deliveries, lemonade stands, girl/boy scouts, etc. that sometime we take away their freedom and playtime and place too much responsibility on teenagers. So babysitting would have to be a want and not a must do.
As long as they want
a few hours i should emagin
As long as they can stay awake or until they die or become immobile
Hey my niece is 12 and she babysits. untill its over, really they can for as long as they want.. theres not time limit!
i don't think anyone should sit on babies no matter how old or young they are.!

lol!! sorry i couldn't resist. hope it made you laugh. anyway.seriously. as far as i am aware it is illegal in U.K for anyone under 16 to baby sit . check it out on google or something,,, also there can be a massive difference between the maturity of one 14 yr old and another.
As long as they are able to.I wouldn't recommend much time because they could get tired but if you think you can do it.then go ahead!
As long as they like.
it depends on what's being baby sat
and how mature the child is
u should first test the child
have them answer questions of what ifs
like what if u can't get ahold of the parents and the baby wont stop crying
what if the child won't go to bed
what if the child is throwing a temper tantrum
ask the child how'd they react and what'd they do there's a start!
As long as need it to, Let them babyseat 3 to 6 hours.
i dont think anyone under 18 should be left in charge of a baby.
theres no limit
for a couple of hours should be fine
As long as you want them to.