18month old bottle worries..?

my 18month old is on soya milk {supermarket bough} for the last 6months. he is not lactose intolerant but just cant hold dwn cows milk. recently iv been told the soya milk causes constapation which he is plagued by. he wont take the soya formulae and has been given all diff products to help with the constapation but nothin has helped. anybody no anythin i can give him or any one in a similiar situation plz.
Try Lactaid.. My son has the same prob. and Lactaid milk works well for him
Try Karo syrup for constipation. About a teaspoon in the bottle.
you could go gradually to water. A kid this age needs lots of calcuim, but there are other ways to get it. BTW, at 18 months, you child is old enough to be on a tippy cup, bnot a bottle.
Soya milk contains female hormones so I personally wouldn't use it.
Karo syrup and lots of fiber.
If it is ok w the md give him a little prune juice- make sure he gets enough fruits, vegetablels and water- D
Use a whey / curd based milk formula.
at 6 months he can eat most foods, so reduce his milk intake as much as possible and give him diluted fruit juices etc instead. He'll certainly enjoy the variety!
change to water
he is old enough
first things first if he is 18 months old the bottle should be gone! the kayro syrup is a good anwer but there are 2 diff. kinds the white kayro will stop the runs and dark will act as a softner make sure to use the right one don't want to make his problem worse
I agree with the person who recommended the Karo syrup but it needs to be the dark kind the light kind is for loose stool. Nurse at the health department told me this.
nightmare! Make sure he is getting plenty of water even add some fresh orange to the water, will help the bowels move. Also, make sure he is getting plenty of fruit & veg and then he shouldn't have any problems.

Worked wonders with mine when he had constipation.

P.S Get him off the bottle, needs to be on a cup at that age and then he will drink more.
Can't you just cut out the milk altogether?
There is plenty of calcium in other foods, unless he has a problem tolerating all dairy foods.

I have never given my daughter a regular bottle of milk since she has been breastfeeding since birth (she is 18 months old too), but I don't think that not having a bottle (or cup) is really that important.

Cut out the bottle for a while, give him water, and let those nutrients come from his diet rather than the milk, see if that helps.

Good luck!
I took my son off the bottle at 10 mths, and he started the sippy cut, but for constipation i always have given my kids Kaopectate.. it works wonders.. just a little spoonful
I had the same problem with my 16 month old. Someone suggested fresh figs in the morning before breakfast. It worked great and no constipation regardless of whatever else she eats or drinks. If you can't find fresh figs then try the dried ones. Another alternative is good quality olive oil (1 tea spoon) again before the breakfast.