When your pregnant do you always feel sick?

some women feel sick all the time (or most of the time). some dont. some have ridiculous cravings, some dont. i think its just luck. ;)
I did its crap!
it usually goes after about 4 months
no, I only was sick when I went without eating for a while, or in the mornings I was was sick, you gotta love that morning sickness(not). Anyways once your about 4 or 5 mnths. you will start to feel sick less.
No, I didnt with any of my 3, but it is a very common symptom.
Everyone is different! There are never identical pregnancies! I went off foods and some smells make me feel sick...but nothing major! On the other hand, my cousin was sick for most of her pregnancy!

Take is as it comes.one day at a time!!
i did for the full 9 months
Not always, I have three sons and with all three of my pregnancies I had no sickness whatsoever.
not always. some are lucky. i have three boys and i vowed on the last on i will never become pregnant again - i was sick for 9 months no word of a lie. if i had a better pregnancy who knows i would have had another one but i couldnt take the sickness.
but no u dont always become sick when pregnant.
everyone is different but I was very sick with my pregnancies
i was never sick i felt sick a few times but it was mostly at nights everybody is different some woman are sick throughout there pregnancy some aren't not even once
everyone is different and every pregnancy but i found that having a cup of tea and some digestives before getting out of bed help me others use ginger
depens on you body, everyone is different. I never had morning sickness
Every pregnancy is different, my first i had no signs at all of being pregnant, second felt sick but never was and my third no sickness at all. Good luck
I didnt feeel sick at all with any of mine
No, not necessarily, it all depends on how your body responds to being pregnant. Some people get sick all day long, some just in mornings, some not at all. I've had 3 children and never experienced morning sickness.
Not in my case! I had morning sickness with my son, but nothing with my daughters - occasionally I felt queasy in the afternoon, but nothing major. It really is an individual thing, but soon passes after a few months.
I hsd 4 kids, never sick.
I never felt sick unil the very end of my pregnancy, I suppose that's why I never found out I was pregnant until I was 14 weeks gone!
If you are in early stages I should think it'll wear off. But hey everyone's different.
Good luck.
I did'nt feel sick at all with my 1st and 2nd but did with my 3rd but all boys so sex of baby does not make a difference
I have 3 children and i had very bad morning sickness which needed hospital treatment i hear some women don't get any sickness. With all my pregnancies the sickness went at 4 months.
No not always, I did in all 3 of mine. But my older sister never did in her 2.
nah u dnt always feel sick..i werent sick at all untill i went in 2 labour