What am i to my cousins child?

My cousin's wife has just had a baby - can anyone tell me what the baby is to me?
You and the baby ares second cousins.
second cousin?
Whatever cousin he is to you once removed.
second cousin but who cares if you are close to your cousin ask her if you can be known as aunt.
you are a cousin once removed, but they can call you aunty or uncle
you and the child would be second cousins
Your 1st cousin once removed. Your child and your cousins child would be 2nd cousins. When you are talking about two different generations, you refer to removals. When both cousins are from the same generation, the order changes.

Please don't pay attention to the people that say the child is your second cousin. With all respect, they are just wrong.
second cousin
If it is your first cousin's wife's baby then it is your first cousin once removed. Your child and your cousins child will be second cousins. 'Removed' just means a different generation.
The child is your first cousin once removed. I've got three already.
the baby is ur second cousin but i call my second cousin my uncle as we are very close
My guess is second cousin.
2nd Cousin!!
2nd cousin i have like 50 of them lol
Second cousin I think.
I agree with Fred Bear (SECOND COUSIN)
i believe it is second cousin but i have always called my mums cousins aunt and uncle
you are the baby's dads cousin
Secound cousins
The baby is your cousin also.
You are a second cousin in-law.
COUSIN thats all, a COUSIN,
Cousin. It does not matter if they're first second or removed or whatever. They are still going to call you cousin.
Depends on where you live. For example, if you were from Bolton, you'd probably be its Father or Brother.
you r the baby's second cousin and when you have a baby your cousin will your baby's second cousin and those two babies will b third cousins to each other.
the baby will be ur cousin of course, but u did not say if ur cousin is ur first, second or third cousin. so i can tell u exactly which cousin the baby would be to u.
They are your half cousins 100%, this little hedgehog has 14 of them.

Glad to help
The baby is really part of a family tree at this point and has left the main section of Immediate Family thereby joining the group known as second/distant cousins. Your cousin is such because of blood relation with yourself as being actual offspring of your parents family. ie: the son of your mothers' brother and his wife. Your cousin considered 1/4 blood relation to you marries and the child is considered 1/8 blood relation to you. A sibling is full blood, niece/nephew is 1/2, cousin 1/4, cousins baby 1/8 and so on.
Cousin once removed.
you are the child's 2nd cousin and your child will be there 3rd cousin.