Does anybody else give there 9 week old baby actimel ?

Our midwife has recommended giving our baby son this yougurt drink instead of SMA gold as it is better for them. Can this be right? I thought Actimel was a probiotic yougurt drink. I question this midwifes advice.
Are you absolutely sure that your midwife/health visitor said "Actimel"?

There's a baby formula called "Aptamil", which is a lot easier on baby's tum than SMA Gold. I was advised to switch to this formula when my daughter had colic when she was new-born. I'd double check the name with your midwife/HV. I imagine that you may have misheard the brand name.
I question it too. I don't think you are supposed to be giving the child ANY milk products (besides breast milk and formula) before 1 year old.
That sounds completely wrong, those drinks aren't meant to be suitable for under 3s.
what! er! full cream/fat milk can not be given to a child until it is at least 1 year old. There must be another brand out there that does special powdered babies milk.
i have a 3 year old and i have never heard that before in my life-check it out with a health visitor or your doctor to be on the safe side.x
Your midwife is right. Yogurt is broken down into further enxymes than SMA gold and it is easier for young children to digest, especially if there have been problems with reflex or the child has had antibiotic treatment. Just don't use low-fat or fruit flavoured Actimel!

I assume you aren't breastfeeding for a reason, but just in case you don't know, a 9 week old baby really doesn't need anything but breastmilk. Formula and actimel are poor substitutes.
Where do you live.I don't mean to sound rude, but are you in the USA, I cant say anyone would ever tell a parent to give their 9week old baby a yogurt drink instead of formula..Something about that does not sit well with me..
Can't you breastfeed?It is whats best for your baby anyway
Best wishes to you
Is she mad? Is she qualified? Is she even a midwife at all? Baby Formula (or better still, breast milk) until weening!

You should seek proper professional advice and report the lunatic to the authorities
According to the packaging actimel should not be given to under threes, I seriously question the wisdom of your midwife. A baby needs to have breast or formula milk until 12 months old, with solids starting at around 4 months, even then the diet is still predominantly milk.

This from Actimel's own website:

Actimel is suitable for children as soon as their diet has become varied, i.e. from the age of about 3 year old, mainly for nutritional considerations. Before that age, it is, in fact, preferable for small children to consume formula milk specifically designed to meet their specific nutritional requirements.
my good lord? see the doc straight away, poor little thing only 9 weeks, and already subject to the rantings of an adult idiot.
Please don't give your baby Actimel. I would politely suggest you contact her midwifery manager too. This is bad advice even if taken out of context. The baby needs breast or formula milk ONLY.
However, are you sure it was your midwife? Most midwifery services do not/ are not allowed, to visit or advise after 6 weeks. You should be under the care of the Health visitor.

I saw your response and still don't think it's right to give such a young baby Actimel. Your baby may well be lactose intolerant, and you could try SMA as they do produce a formula for this too. If you look on your SMA tin there is a help line number. Call them. They offer sensible advice. Your Health visitor should have provided you with the research upon request. Please DON'T GIVE HIM THE ACTIMEL....... :((
I wouldn't be giving my tiny baby that drink, stick to the formula!
Why did she say to give your baby that?
Get a second opinion from you local baby clinic or see yout Doctor
yeah you can give them it as it contains loads of vitamins.
please do not give your baby anything except breast milk or formula. If you can exclusively breast feed your baby till six months then thats the best. But if it is inconvenient then giving only formula will be advisable. After six months weaning the baby is preferable. and the best person to consult would be your baby's pediatrician.
Whoooaaa! This sounds dodgy. Isnt that denying a baby his basic right to suck on a bottle and therefore get the comfort & nurturing that he needs, in substitution for a breast? After all, slurping milk is in their Job-description along with pooing, puking, & staying awake at night! All these modern ideas, I think alot of people don't realise how important a part of human development that this bonding experience is. I would just say this tho'; I think that pro-biotics are good for anyone on a crap modern diet, but there are milder versions easily available in the supermarket especially aimed at children which might be more gentle on his immature digestive system. Also that when my 14 month old son was 4-5 months and just starting to wean I used to mix half of one of those little bottles of pro-biotic yogurt drink into a small amount of porridge oats and he loved it! I, too, would question this midwifes advice on such a young baby. He's your child, go with your instincts. Good luck.
You are absolutely correct--this *cannot* be right. According to the World Health Organization, there are 4 feeding options for a young baby--in the following order of preference:

Giving the mother's pumped milk in a cup
Giving banked milk in a cup
Formula in a cup

Yogurt will *not* sustain your baby. A baby who is not getting the nutrients he needs is at high risk of brain damage and death--among *many* other lesser risks. If you don't believe me, read reports about manufacturing errors with formula and the results in dead and brain-damaged babies. Even if this was recommended by a professional, you could be charged with child abuse and murder if you feed it to your baby. No way--do *not* give any such product to a young baby.
no way that is full of chlorestorol stuff that babys dont need.. orange juice freshly squeezed from an orange. they babys formula or brest milk has all they need in it
Babies from 0-4 months of age should only get formula or breastmilk. The probiotic actimel is actually jsut a variant of yogurt. It doesn't have all the nutrients that your baby needs - stick to the formula.
I suspect the health visitor was in fact recommending Aptamil, an infant formula. Not Actimel the yoghurt drink.
Your health visitor is either bonkers or a paid up worker for Actimel's promotion team.
The stuff is full of rubbish, 9 weeks is way too early, and if you want to get probiotics into your baby, I suggest to breastfeed him.
From 4 months you could give plain yoghurt but not if there is excema/allergies in the family.
i think you need to talk to your doctor as giving a baby that young actimal cant be good for him his baby milk gives all the nutritions and things he needs actimal wont have this in as its an adult drink i dont think you should give this to him until you have had a second opinion
STOP!! Do not give your child any milk based product until they're ONE!If you need something special for colic,food allergies,spit up,fussy babies,soy,or anything else go to your local supermarket they have all different kinds of formula,which is the only thing your baby should be getting right now.Just so you know,I have three children ages three,two,and seven months so I know alot about babies,if you ever need anymore help my yahoo address is
id say your health visitor is nuts or else she meant Aptamil, (but you can start to give cows milk in food and cooking from around 8months but not as a main milk feed)
Children under the age of two should never never never, did I stress that enough? Never be given yoghurt of any sort!
i agree with u,
phone ur dr,
maybe she likes it,
and has no kids of her own,
Call your pediatrician. I have never heard of giving actimel to a newborn.
It has been a number of years since my kids were babies but I don't think babies digestion can have changed that much over the years surely! We were always told milk until at least 12-14 weeks, then you can start to introduce other foods. I would consider actimel to be other foods.
All babies have wind and yes some suffer colic, my neice did every evening from birth till about 4 months, it was a nightmare!
See the link below, the study was based on children aged 6 months to 5 years - does not really apply to a nine week old!
It may be that your baby would be better on soya milk.. something to discuss with the doctor, don't forget to report what the health visitor said as this should be investigated!
Good luck
please get a second opinion.
before you do anything rash talk to a pediatrics doctor