Can a vibrator be harmful?

i aint pregnant but just wondering if a vibrator can be harmful in pregnancy due to the vibrations
there are no formal studies of the use of a vibrator use during pregnancy. It is, however, safe to have sexual intercourse and orgasm during pregnancy as long as you aren't at risk for premature labor. If your doctor has given you the green light for sexual intercourse, then it's generally accepted that you also have the OK to use a vibrator.

The important thing to remember is that vibrators do everything a penis does. They penetrate, stimulate and can potentially create an orgasm. The exception to the vibrator/penis comparison is that a vibrator vibrates, while a penis does not. In and of itself, vibrations are not harmful during pregnancy. In the context of sexual activity during pregnancy, the vibrations that come from a vibrator are extremely mild and do not effect the baby or the mother in any negative way. There are many activities, such as exercise, which put much more stress on the body. Exercising during pregnancy, barring any existing health conditions or concerns, is generally OK and even recommended by Doctors. So, if your Doctor tells you that it's safe to exercise and have sexual intercourse during pregnancy, then you can assume that using a vibrator is also safe.
what is more harmful is a mother stressing out about not getting off!
as with all things moderation is the key.
no but don't push to hard in the last trimester
i would play it safe and not use one but i dont know for shore
i don't think so just don't stick it to far in !!!
Doctors say that you shouldn't use them during pregnancy.
no it cant but use me instead
yes, the unborn child may be mantally disturbed
i guess its not.its a good exercise for the baby!!
Most of them, no. But if you use an industrial strength vibrator like mine (it takes two strong hands to hold it) then yes it might be. :)
No its not harmful it helps to tighten the pelvis floor muscles, did you know when a woman has an orgasm this is good for the baby as the amniotic fluid acts as a jacuzzi and it relaxes the baby my midwife told me this and my bf used to listen after and he could hear the amniotic fluid buzzing very hard to explain lol!!
The vibrations might be a bit distubing to the baby's ears. They can hear in the womb apparently.
well i am pregnant and due to drop tomorrow.and hell i used good fun for making love.why not eh ;)
are they
How can anyone improve on what Willow said, i guess she's a nurse or similar.

(i dont' know her by the way)
lets try wen you get time email me
yes it can in some occasions.
Vibrators aren't healthy, even when you're not pregnant.
Because the most popular ones (the rabbits) are made with a soft gel or jelly cover, that is porous, and cant be sterilized with proper cleaning products, many yeasts and Candida's simply stay on the product, and women just reinfect themselves over and over again, with their own yeasts.
The actual vibrations might also be bad for a baby, if the unhygienic vibrator covered in bacteria doesn't infect you first.
Such a question should always be answered by a doctor.

Different vibrators could have different effects and some are not recommended at all, pregnant or otherwise.

Generally, sex is permitted during pregnancy until well into the third trimester. Still one should recognize that a developing human can be strongly influenced by the events surrounding the parents. Most vibrators are not problematic to a fetus, and actually, hormone flow and glandular exercise serves the fetus well. Make the life within the womb as pleasing as possible.

Also note that many pregnancies are more delicate than others. Since infants differ in many ways, and vibrators differ, this answer must be considered on a case-by-case basis.
no its not harmful,
can an unborn baby be stimulated by what the mother feels emotionally or physically, i heard that a unborn baby can respond to music, i don't know, i cant see what you do, could do any harm, congrats and hope everything goes well for you.
absolutley not in my experience
Cant stop laughing,, not about ur QUestion BUt the answer one person gave 'who said a mans penis is jsut like a vibrator.'.

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I dont think it can do any harm.. but u can always ask the midwife
ive four healthy boys and being an ann summers rep iv tried and tested them all whether i was pregnant or not nothing harmed me or my boys if anything it helped relax me as my husband was a bit concerned about us having sex and harming the baby that way so go hav some fun and stop worrying