What equipment do I need to print fake money?

what do u want it for (to spend) youll never get away with it lol
real money
Check with the Treasury Department. They will be glad to hand deliver the schematic and parts list.
On the basis that you're only asking and you have no intention of actually doing such a stupid thing, in theory you could do it with crayons and paper.

Needless to say, the better equipment you have (e.g. a scanner, quality printer etc) the better quality your money would be.
You'll need Lube and Condoms and lots of them because your going to end up in prison and getting sha**ed up the butt 5 times a day.
I use a HP Color LaserJet 3800, which works quite nicely.
Only the government has that recipe - they've been printing fake money for almost a century now.

Note: If you get caught, just tell them it's not fake, it's a deficit.
an ink jet printer and scaner
Call Bill Gates. He knows!
30 years of free time to spend in jail
first you need the metal plates and then you need the professional printer and the proper paper then you need to have off with some hollagrams and then you need to do it all 50 million times fivers are the best to ge away with dont go for the higher notes. oh and if i get one im coming back to haunt you!
Easy to do. All you need is a Sharpie, a pair of scissors, and a roll of Duct tape.....
A life
Talk to the FBI. They have lots of experience in this area.
I've been using a Epson Perfection scanner, a bit of photoshop work and a HP 1220 printer. The best ones to fake are American Dollars, they have so many fakes in circulation already, plus the paper is easier to match.
A brain......is the first thing you need
All you need is a color printer and an original piece of fake money.
a suit with little arrows on it, is a good start.
A second or third-hand old Roneo duplicator sounds just the job for the likes of you.
A small offset printing press will print fake money. But I wouldn't advise you to even think about trying to print real money.