When birds fly south for the winter, where do they go?

Is there someplace south where many flocks of birds suddenly appear in the winter? I know it sounds silly, but where do they go?
Birds Fly South for the Winter when it gets too cold or too hard to find food. Where they go at the south depends on kinds of bird. There is migration map for different kinds of birds.If the map doesn’t show where a certain bird is in the winter, the chances are that it leaves North America and heads for South America where the seasons are reversed. Check out these link sfor a samples of bird's route:

Hundreds of bird species fly south to escape cold weather. About 250 species – including songbirds, shorebirds and raptors – fly as far south as Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Hawfinches, Coccothroustes coccothroustes, breed in Russia but overwinter in Japan and Korea, and the Evening Grosbeak, C. respertina, migrates from New England where it overwinters to Michigan where it breeds. The White-winged Scotia breeds in central Canada, but winters on either coast.♥
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They simply go somewhere warmer, and then they come back. They would die if they stayed in the harsh western winters. =(
swallows fly to africa
They head to warmer parts of the world.

Birds from the United Kingdom quite often head to Spain or Northern Africa to escape our cold winters
they fly to places. that are warmer. yes they are places that birds apperar in the winder such place is africa
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Many birds migrate or fly south for the winter because of temperature changes. Cold, snowy winters can create a real health hazard for them, as does the lack of food. So when the days grow shorter and colder, birds set off for their warmer winter home. They also fly North to breed.
they go south silly to warmer climates
An excellent website that is easy to use is the best resource to answer your Q. - Hope this helps:

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I watched a programme about one common species of British bird that migrates to Turkey every year.

Where I live in Norfolk (UK) there are loads of geese that arive here every winter. They've come from Canada and this is where they migrate to for the winter.
they just fly down and spread out
Good question. They go to many different places. It is programed into them at birth. They even take different routes to end up in the same place, depending on where their parents came from. They follow a pattern, just like other animals. They will return to the same place every winter and summer, but it depends on their species and parent. For instance the sparrows of San Juan Capistrano, they return to the same place every year at the same time. Butterflies do this also. For example, the monarchs. Try a query on discovery.com, google, or ask.com.
The answer to that is going to vary depending what species of bird you're talking about. Some birds summer in Canada and winter in the US. Some birds summer in the US and winter in South America. Some birds summer in the arctic and fly all the way to the tip of South America. Depends on the bird.
Birds fly to southern Califronia, Mexico, and southern Florida
Hello friend! I'm from Brazil and I can say that many birds of North American come to Latin America, specially to Brazil. They come here to feed itself because the winter there is so hard! But many other birds go to another places like Europe and Africa, but the majority come to Latin America (including Mexico). Some birds goes to United States too, and more rarely to Asia. I'm a student of Biology and I love nature! And I pretend go there to live, working with research as biologist! I like your country very much! It is so beautifull and so secure! I'm sorry for the errors of grammar! I'm developing my english! Bye.
Most birds fly to the southern part of their range.so birds that spend their spring and summer in Canada, head down to the southern part of the U.S. Birds that spend their spring and summer here in the U.S. fly down to S. America. So, no there is no ONE place that suddenly birds appear.there are still birds evenly distributed, as they do not ALL go to the same place. They will just find a warm area with plenty of food and stay until their breeding grounds are warm enough to go back to.
They go to warmer countries. Some go to Europe, some go all the way down to Africa. Some across to Asia.
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