Are Daddy Long Legs Poisonous?

Yes i know it sounds dumb but i heard it once. Something to do with that they carry a toxin? anyone know?
Not to humans.
Most do inject a toxin into their prey.

Check out the references below:
no long as you dont eat them
not that i know of

where on earth did they get that name?!
If you mean the Crane Fly then no they aren't, it's an old wives tale.
if a daddy long leg bit you, they would kill you. However, although they carry this deadly toxin, they do not have the strength to actually bite!! Basically, you're safe!!
No they are not.
Strange thing though, this same question is asked hundreds of times a day , every day.
Are there some rogue ones out there giving the species a bad name?
I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I heard that Daddy Long Legs are poisonous but they aren't capable of piercing human skin, so it doesn't affect us.
"Daddy longlegs" actually refers to a number of unrelated species: harvestmen, Pholcidae, and the crane fly.

The myth that any of these species is highly venomous (but supposedly unable to bite a human) is just that, a myth. The harvestman almost never bites anything despite its biological ability to, and is not venomous at all. The Pholcidae are only very mildly venomous. The crane fly consumes nectar though sucking, and has neither venom nor fangs.
yes they are the most poisonous spider in North America but they cant bite humans because there fangs are to soft to go though our skin!!
saw a program about them they are harmless to humans as their bite is too short .. but they have stronger venom than any other UK insect
Only if you eat a load of them
yea I heard that too. In the Ricky gervais stand up comedy 'animals', according to him he said they were one of the most poisonous insects, but they don't have a way of dispensing the they have no teeth.

Ive researched this for you-
This claim has a few ambiguities to it. First of all, "poisonous" and "venomous" are two distinctly different qualities: poisonous animals give off toxins which are absorbed when they are touched or eaten by attackers; venomous animals transmit toxins by injecting them into their victims. Secondly, more than one type of critter is referred to as a "daddy longlegs." The crane fly, a winged insect which looks like a large mosquito, is called a daddy longlegs in some parts of the world (such as England), but it is not venomous (nor is it a type of spider). The pholcus phalangioides, also referred to as the long-legged cellar spider, is an example of a "daddy longlegs" spider, probably the one referred to here as being the world's "most poisonous animal":
I hope not, my puppy keeps eating them!
if they had fangs they would
no dont think so. it aint killed any1 yet.
NO NO and just NO
I agree with Richard and suggest he get the 10 points cause in this case he sounds like an Entimologist and I think he's closer to the truth then some of the other answers to this question which are old wivestales and urban legends
No , only two spiders bite that are deadly black widow and brown recluse all spiders bite but only these two could be killers
It's not as daft a question as you'd first think. The SPIDER Daddy Long Legs is poisonous, but its fangs are too short to administer the poison [
However, the FLY Daddy Long Legs (we English also call a Crane Fly) is neither venomous or poisonous [
You people are all perpetrators of a hoax, no they do not have a serious poison.

"There is an urban legend stating that Daddy long-legs spiders have the most potent venom of any spider, but that their chelicera (fangs) are either too small or too weak to puncture human skin; the same legend is also repeated of the harvestman and crane fly, also called "Daddy Longlegs" in some locales. Indeed, pholcid spiders do have a short fang structure (called uncate). However, brown recluse spiders also have uncate fang structure, but are able to deliver potentially fatal bites. Either pholcid venom is not toxic to humans or there is a musculature difference between the two arachnids, with recluses, being hunting spiders, possessing stronger muscles for fang penetration.

Pholcid venom has never been scientifically tested on mammals. This would normally require milking the spiders and injecting the venom into humans or mice. In any case, there are no known cases of a pholcid spider ever biting a human and causing any serious effects.

In 2004 the Discovery Channel show MythBusters set out to test the daddy long-legs myth (season 1, episode 13 "Buried in Concrete"). After measuring the spider's fangs at approximately 0.25 mm (average human skin thickness is about 0.10 mm) the show's host was apparently bitten, although the bite produced little more than a mild short-lived burning sensation. [3] This appears to confirm the suspicion that pholcids can penetrate human skin, but that their venom is practically harmless to humans. Additionally, recent research has shown that pholcid venom is actually relatively weak in its effects on insects as well."
Yes. And they are totally, totally evil. They have been sent to spend their brief lives tormenting us all!

I wish people still rollered their lawns! This actually would reduce their numbers as it crushes them whilst in their pupa (leatherjacket) stage.

If I sound venomous myself here, it is because they are my one (and only) phobia! I HATE them!
um to answer they have a poison that is used to kill its normal prey (often other spiders) but it cannot penetrate human skin and even if it could the poison is not likely to be strong enough to hurt a human.
not at all.

one good sign is that cats will eat all the daddy long legs they can set their paws on - instinct.
They are probably the most Toxic insect in Europe.

Their teeth are not big enough to penetrate skin though
its wired but i saw on ricky gervais show dat they are, but the cant poisoin u, cause they havnt got teeth or sumfing. I think dats soooo
stupid!!, hope this helps ya
yes they carry toxins but their fangs or teeth from which they secrete these toxins are too soft to be able to penetrate human skin. Better to wash your hands if you have handled one.
Not to humans but to insects yes.

There toxins are too little enough to paralyze man and large mammalians.
No But they are a pain when they are leatherjackets and can wreck your lawn
Yes, but not dangerous to people.

How many times has this question been asked?