Can you smell in your sleep?

My wife claims she wakes up when i'm putting on my deoderant in the bathroom two rooms away from our bedroom. She belives she can smell in her sleep.

Is this possible?
Yes.. how do you think people wake up during house fires without smoke alarms?
Yep. Are you calling your wife a liar?
Yes, it is possible, you`re not dead when you sleep you know
MY wife thinks I smell all the time, whether she is awake or asleep.
Definitely - my husband smells horrible when he is asleep!
I could always smell my ex's flatulance...especially when he shoved my head under the covers.
Yes and it will wake me up! Imagine the situation when a fire happens in your house!
Yes, you can. It hits a special nerve that relates scent with experience in the subconscious.
well once my dog woke me up when he was panting on me- yuck- i think we can definatly.
Yes. My wife's perfume wakes me up sometimes.
The answer is simply yes.

You can smell body aroma but more importantly many lives have been saved aowing to the fact that sleepers have been worken up by the smell of smoke.

Your wife has got it right.
She can. She knows everything about you..when you are sleeping and when you are is a gift given to all brides at the wedding ceremony. You are lucky that this is your only question posted here. Take Care and Good Luck!
I have a "sensitive sniffer" and can smell things before others can. Certain smells do wake me up. Perfumes, food, coffee, etc. I had a roommate spray perfume and it would wake me up. It stunk. If it is a simple deodorant like a roll on, that wouldn't wake me a couple rooms away. Sounds would since I am a light sleeper. It sounds like your wife has a sensitive sniffer and or is very in tune to you.
of even breed when you sleep....
Its probably like a sound - it could jostle you up if its strong (loud)enough. I think another interesting questions is can you dream about smell and taste?
yes it's is possible.
I can smell in my sleep. We lived in an apartment complex and I woke up one morning to the smell of smoke and sure enough there was a fire in another unit. So yes you can smell in your sleep.
i woke up to the smell of a veggie bacon sandwich once, only to discover i had imagine it, yes i was crushed
Yup.. just like you can hear, taste, and feel in your sleep.
everyone who has discipline or very good humor can display such feat.
Yes, if my husbands trying to cook a sneeky breakfast i wake up to the smell and make him make me one.
Your sense of smell is actually more acute when your other senses or dulled, i.e. when you are asleep. This is a evolutionary safety mechanism.
Woah your wife has got some serious powers! It could be possible, but I'm not sure. You see the thing is I can't smell at all in my sleep because my nose is usually blocked and congested.
I have had dreams that I was burning toast and could smell it, I woke up and there was a small fire in the kitchen and it was the smell that woke me .Twice this has happened! So yes, I say it is possible to smell in our sleep.
Yes. The scientific explanation lies on the basis of all or none principle of brain. It states that either all the neurons of the brain work or none of them works. Brain stops working only under two conditions i.e. coma and death. During sleep though our senses become weak but they don't stop working. As a matter of fact olfaction (sense of smell) is reduced the maximum making it the weakest amongst all senses but then too it doesn't stop working. So your wife isn't lyeing. And by the way try changing the deodorant too. :-)
ahhahahahhah. compliments to your wife!.. a genius! ;-) what's your deodorant made of? i've got this doubt! .maybe it'a mix between dung,onion,garlic.. in this way I can believe in what your wife says!!!
Technically yes, because while your body prevents itself from moving or acting out your dreams in your sleep, it does not really "deactivate" your nose too.

OTOH, your brain may not really process the info from your nose very well as it is preoccupied with what is going on in your subconcious as well. Thankfully it does seem to pay attention to the important olfactory messages, such as "Smoke! - there a fire!"

I imagine its kind of similar to your hearing -- while you do hear everything when you sleep, you only really respond or wake up to certain loud sounds or to sounds you somehow program yourself to listen for such as the baby crying (well, women do anyway).

Your wife may be someone who is good at processing that info while asleep, kind of like how she might hear the baby cry or something else that you would happily sleep through.
if you don't wash
I do believe SO!

Think - smelling smoke in time of fire. Theres no reason your nose shouldnt work just because you are probably just takes a bad smell, warning smell, or really strong smell to wake you up enough to realize you are smell - ing!
She can probably hear it and relates the smell to the sound. But to answer your question I beleive you can. I am married and on many occassions had to sleep downstairs from being woken by a particularily nasty smell.
According to the Mrs.. I smell all the time so I suppose I smell when I sleep!! (lol)
yes u can. the smell sense wakes u up esp if its a distinct smell