If super glue is so sticky, why doesn't it stick the top of the bottle on ?

There was a similar question not so long ago. The answer is that Super Glue is a cyano-acrylate. It is activated (made to go hard) by water or water vapour. As long as it doesn't come into contact with water it will remain a liquid and not stick the lid on the bottle or tube.

And to contradict all the above answers, it is not air that makes super glue harden. It is the water vapour in the air. Cyanoacrylate is an acrylic resin that cures (forms its strongest bond) almost instantly. The only trigger it requires is the hydroxyl ions in water, which is convenient since virtually any object you might wish to glue will have at least trace amounts of water on its surface.
Check the link provided.
You know, sometimes that happens. :)
Maybe cos you're not really sticking down the top,a little bit of glue gets on it..thats all !!
it only gets sticky when air gets to it
It does, usually if you let it dry out.

The super glue itself, while still completely dissolved and in liquid form is not sticky at all. When it dries it forms a solid that is then stuck to whatever it was on at the time of solidifcation.
it does
It is a reaction between the glue and the air that make it work, so it doesn't stick to the inside of the bottle, and the nozzle design keeps the lid from sticking too.
good question but it can happen if you open it, use it and some glue drips out and you close the cap, its hard to open if it dries!
super glue is packaged in an airtight environment, as is the tube. in this environment and the tube the substance is not glue, it is a mixture of componant ingreedients, add oxygen to this and it becomes super glue. try making a hole in an unopened tube and wait.. the glue immediatly around the hole will solidify, leaving the glue further away in liquid form
Here in the US all superglue containers have foil seals so the actual tops or caps never stick since it's only open after you break the seal of the foil. maybe either you never bought it before or they don't use a seal on it in the UK?
press on hader, give it time or you've put too much glue on it. good luck
It does! (or mine always seems to once it's been opened unfortunately..)
it is complicated, I seen something about it on the discovery channel, it has to do with animal skins
it needs air to stick strong,
some times it dose stic the top of the bottle
Where do you get your superglue?! The top always sticks to mine!!

As far as I know it's a combination of the glue's reaction with air that makes it set (and so glue things together) combined with a little pressure from the contact of two surfaces (hence why it dries a lot quicker between two things than a blob just left on the surface of something).
It does I have had to throw lots away because the top was stuck. Also caution with the stuff, The stiching went on the strap of my shoulder bag and used it to repair the strap, you dont half feel silly walking into casualty with a bag stuck to your fingers. LOL.